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  • dorgenhooter dorgenhooter Aug 21, 1998 6:46 AM Flag

    Just bought

    I'm no Einstein, but I've been following the stock and after reading the quarterly's, This stock is a screaming buy at this level.

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    • Pilgrim Baxter sold their position just as
      earnings came out. See msg #126 on this board which has
      been confirmed by PSUN investor relations. This is the
      reason for the volume spikes and share price

      Further, McCurry is selling his shares including 16,922
      options since he did not stand for reelection at the May
      shareholders meeting. Sally Frame Kasaks was appointed to the
      board in June, 97 to replace McCurry. She was elected
      at the May meeting and McCurry stepped down. Seems
      like an orderly transition to me.

      Nothing has
      changed in the fundamentals of this company and like
      others have mentioned I am increasing my


    • The only answer is they must of lowered the stock
      to give there loyal investors a buying opportunity,
      which I beleive many are doing. PSUN looks great so I
      tripled my position. I have followed this board for some
      time and believe this is one of the more positive
      boards that I have stock in. All stockes have been
      fluctuating lately and this is the chance to make a little
      $$. I am still convinced we will see record earnings
      for the next 2 qtrs.

    • Sorry, 1 too many zeroes on my calculator and
      thanks for your quick response. Ok, maybe 214,000 shares
      of insider stock is "no big deal", but why did the
      stock tank on the last earnings report? I am looking at
      the TJX stock I own which reported roughly a 70% rise
      in quarterly earnings, as did PSUN, yet TJX went
      from around 23 to 27 while PSUN drops from the low
      30's to around 24 following their reports.
      Why has
      this stock tanked when almost all other retailers are
      still strong?

    • That's 7 MILLION DOLLARS, not 70.
      Geez, if
      your going to come on that strong, at least get it

      7 Million Dollars is not that big a deal
      and frankly, if I were one of these execs and had run
      this business as well as they had, I would have cashed
      in a lot more stock than they did!

    • Insiders have sold more than 214,000 shares over
      the last 9 months. This is a fact. Just go to Yahoo
      PSUN quote page and click on "Insider" and do the math
      yourself. This is more than a new car, this is 70 MILLION
      DOLLARS worth of stock Now McCurry wants to get in on the
      action with another 25K block up for sale. This does not
      instill confidence in PSUN investors. Insiders dumping,
      institutions dumping, why? There is something wrong with this
      co., what is it?

    • Read insiderwire at your own risk since it is just a shabby paid advertisement in masquerading as a newletter.

    • seen that one too many times

    • You may find this site to be interesting, you can sign up for free stock info.

    • Weaver filed w/ SEC, disposed of 4030 shares @$36.50
      He only hold's 60,000 shares of company stock. (not very reassuring) Maybe I should change my name to kiss of death.

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      • I'm an insider and I sold to diversify. When
        you're depending on the job to provide a salary, it
        seems like undo risk to have all your stock eggs in one
        basket. My financial advisor told me to diversify and I

        BTW don't even think about asking me any insider
        questions, thanks!

      • Are you sure that this sale of 4030 was not
        matched or exceeded by the exercise of options at a lower
        price. I would expect that this is the case - or maybe
        he just wanted a new Porsche. Either way, there is
        no problem here.

        Moreover, there's no point
        issuing share options to motivate executives if everybody
        is going to panic when they choose to realise some
        of the gains derived from their


      • What's going on here in the retail
        AEOS and PSUN are doing fantastic and we're heading
        the most profitable time of the year. Very
        Im buying aeos options and thinking about taking a
        position in
        psun very soon. These are great

        Dont understand it!

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