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  • FRETIG FRETIG Nov 17, 1998 11:19 PM Flag

    PSUN poised for a great holiday...(EOM)


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    • This shit is typical in retail. PSUN ought to
      jump down that analyst's throat for such stupid
      remarks. Teenie Bops don't buy in late Oct early Nov. They
      did it all in Sept. By the way, they do it in Dec
      too. Hang in guys. I'm Calif. retailer and I know of
      what I speak!!!

    • Hmmm, I'm wondering about the time. Does anyone
      have any idea how long untill the bounce back will
      take place? Or is it all just a shot in the dark. With
      all the great news these past few months I don't
      understand the reasons behind the downgrade and the slightly
      low performance. Is anyone else perplexed? I wonder
      if waiting until March is a better idea, will
      history repeat itself? I'm babbling, everyone's insight
      welcome, Thank You.

    • I got caught in the first downgrade about a month
      ago and took my medicine. When stocks fall on huge
      volume the short sellers come in after the dead cat
      bounce and short. So often it takes a looong time to get
      back to old highs. I'm here for that dead cat bounce.

    • Are driving this stock down. ONE broker knocks
      this down (outta the nine who cover it on Zack's) and
      it drops 7 1/2 points????
      Get real. Anyone who
      buys in here (around 17) is gonna be a real happy
      puppy the next few days...IMO, of course.

    • I think you're right risky. Time and sales data indicates institutional activity is still mostly selling. Very few large block trades on upticks. Appears to be l.t. support at $16.

    • Still, "we feel that current trend does not bode
      well for the holiday," Grillo cautioned. "We are
      choosing to sit on sidelines here until sales trends

      Meanwhile, Pacific Sunwear stock tumbled 6 3/16, or 25.4%,
      to 18 1/8, on Nasdaq volume of 3.7 million shares.
      Average daily volume is 689,700.

      - Justin A.
      Oppelaar; 201-938-5175

    • That's my target range

    • Don't leave us hanging! Your post ended at "...
      We are choosing to sit on sidelines here until sales

      Until they what? What's the rest? Thanks
      so much for the info, it hasn't been available
      through Yahoo or my online broker - I still view this as
      a total overreaction and took the opportunity to
      double down this morning. Look at what happened after
      the downgrade last month at almost exactly this same
      part of the month. I got in this am at 17.5, only to
      watch it go as low as 16.875, but RTQ now shows B 17
      7/16, A 17 1/2, so maybe we've seen the worst of

      I have a call into PSUN IR, got their voicemail, if
      & when they call back I will post

      Good luck to all

    • YES, Your fine. I've noticed that retail stocks
      follow retail curves. If you sell short term and wait a
      week or so you'll do well. If you can wait a month or
      so- even better.
      I buy and sell retail stocks
      over and over. I hold tech stocks.
      Have been in and
      out of PSUN about 8 times this year!
      Good luck -
      don't worry- the price you paid is great. I usually buy
      at 20-23.
      today though ,I doubled at 17 3/4. I'm

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