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  • mrhornybuns mrhornybuns Nov 24, 1998 2:47 PM Flag

    eps estimates lowered...

    from $1.13 to $1.11 for the year. So, we're
    talking about a 2 cent eps drop and a 30% plus drop in
    stock do the math---BUY! BUY!
    Bought in originally at 21 after first downgrade and now
    at 16 7/8. I say bring on more downgrades so i can
    load up some more. Don't really give a squat what
    analysts say, it's more important to see how stock price
    is affected by their analysis.
    When a sell off
    like this occurs, it leaves me no other choice than to
    take advantage. I sold some of my ANF shares today to
    buy PSUN. ANF is at it's all time high right now
    while PSUN is near it's 52 week low, so if that is not
    value investing at it's purest definition, i dont know
    what is.

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    • I don't profess to know what a teenager will want
      to purchase day-to-day, but I do know that form 144
      activity from officers of a company on a downside trend
      looks to be 1)suspicious 2)a bad indicator of business
      sense 3)all of the above. I'll stick with this longer
      term than I would with most stocks, but wouldn't you
      think at the current price insiders would buy in?just a

    • I always check out the store activity in our
      Orange County CA area. Each time I visit, activity in
      the store looks stong. From what I see, kids are

      By the way, I think I am the worst case senario, as
      I bought lots on a great earnings report at $33 and
      then at $30, am are still holding. Take that to the
      bank...of course my purchase & usage of Mylanta & Jim Beam
      has skyrocketed!!!

    • Looks like a great buying opportunity to me...
      When will you be buying back your shares?

    • not a lot of buyers.
      You don't usually load up
      on shorts and T-shirts for XMAS.
      If you're
      looking for a bounce- MGX is still under 3; St. John's
      Knits had the same kind of loss several months back and
      is only trading a point over that with a class
      action lawsuit over its head.
      This is completely an
      institutional darling.
      If they don't like it- stay out of
      the way. This is a 13-15 dollar stock otherwise.

    • Has anyone been in a store lately or do your daughters shop there? Any information that you can give us would be appreciated.

    • BT says he was expecting 5% increase in store
      sales. But could change opinion after end NOV /DEC
      Bought 1 K @ 17 3/4. Placed another order @
      16 1/4! Not done.
      But bought 20 DEC 20 call
      options@ 5/8.
      Hopefully the stock might bounce $ 1-2 in
      the next few days & option could see $1 profit!

    • I was just picking up the slack anywhere from 1/8
      to 1/4. Finally I thought it had bounced off of 16
      7/8, but I was really
      wrong. I bought at 17 3/8. I
      think insanity must have set in. I was in a similar
      situation about 2 weeks ago with MSGP. It dropped at the
      opening bell from 58 and didn't stop until it hit 51. The
      next day it opened down at 48 but was back up to 53 by
      the end of the day. I will just sit on my 2000 shares
      and wait. I figure in a few days, it will be OK. Let
      the cash registers ring for Christmas.

    • The analysts cut numbers before a holiday
      Isn't friday the biggest shopping day of the
      I understand that its analysts job to predict
      future earnings. But, it appears that those guys at BT
      Alex Brown might be worrying to much about getting
      fired by deutsche bank while ignoring the bigger

    • I thought you might have seen something that I missed.

    • I agree. Hate to see so many worry. Average down folks. You'll be glad you did.

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