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  • zypster60 zypster60 Sep 2, 1999 1:48 PM Flag

    sss up 5%

    I don't know what was expected but that sounds pretty positive to me. As usual the stock falls on what I perceive as good news. Definitely not a sign that they are losing market share.

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    • Bob, you can go to Costco, PriceClub or other
      discounters and buy Roxy...much cheaper. Why PSUN continues
      to carry this is beyond me. Management should look
      at this seriously. Quiksilver has excess inventory
      which is dumped to the discounters, and you can benefit
      by it.

    • Did anyone see that buying frenzy at 19? Very few lucky orders made it in under 19.

      OT ---Remember tomorrow is 9999 day.

    • good buy zypster. It's trying to build support at 20. I'm back in. If this support holds the technical damage will be limited. Looks good right now.

    • The price is getting so low its stupid. It may go lower but I'm buying more.

    • is 95%. WOW!!! Don't think these institutions
      want this baby under 20, especially the ones that were
      buying 2 weeks ago over 25. Barring a market meltdown, I
      see very minimal downside here and ahell of alot of
      upside. GO PSUN!!!

    • I've owned PSUN for some time based on the amount
      of money my kids and their friends spend there. I
      believe that the 27% drop in the last two weeks is
      overdone, but I'm not thrilled nonetheless. Store sales
      seem to be brisk. PSUN carries the "Roxy" brand which
      is popular and not at all cheap. If you want info,
      don't call Investor Relations. The guy couldn't answer
      any specific questions such as plans to further
      develop the website and how the co. was linking
      advertising. I'm going to have to try contacting corporate

    • swings are not uncommon with this stock. In the
      unlikely event it should fall further, it would represent
      an amazing buying opportunity. I received the
      following Zack's report in my morning email:
      PSUN: MORGAN KEEGAN increased estimate for quarter
      10/99 from $0.33 to $0.34 on 09/02/99

      PSUN: Major Broker increased estimate for quarter
      ending 10/99
      from $0.33 to $0.34 on 09/03/99

      PSUN: RAYMOND JAMES has reiterated estimate for long
      term EPS
      growth of 25.00% per year on 09/03/99

      PSUN: RAYMOND JAMES increased estimate for quarter
      10/99 from $0.33 to $0.34 on 09/03/99

      PSUN: TUCKER CLEARY increased estimate for quarter
      10/99 from $0.33 to $0.34 on 09/02/99

    • If your going to short the stock short term - do
      BUT when you have to LIE - it weakens your case and
      credibility. Should we refer to you as Bill RUNZ?

      fall (late Oct/Nov) the stock dropped to $12 from
      twenties WHEN THE COMPANY MADE a 4th quarter PRE-Earnings
      warning announcement calling into question the company's
      ability to meet 4th quarter estimates. No RUMOR and it
      DIDN'T DROP from $40. Additionally, they BEAT

      Read analysts and company's reports. One of their
      (traditional)better quarters coming up. "Our junior girls and
      footwear categories all achieved double digit comparable
      sales gains during the month (august)" - and your wide
      legged pants - " our young mens pant business was the
      best it has been in 10 months and will show continued
      improvement over the next several months . . . stated Greg

      3d quarter sales and margins - PSUN will beat street

    • this stock dropped to $12 from $40 on the RUMOR the wide legged pants would hurt profits. It can go to $12 again . Look at LRW.

    • dropping that is! 18 by Friday.

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