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  • Renewal Renewal Mar 1, 2000 10:00 AM Flag

    Don't use stops!!

    Watching the market makers, their hitting stops
    and cleaning out!
    Saw allot of trades going
    through below the bid price.
    We will be fine by the
    end of the day, probably by the next hour, just allot
    of people selling below bid, and market makers
    making the $$$

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    • Why are we getting beaten so badly? PSUN has had great numbers and SSS...I guess it's just a cyclical thing???


    • Pretty positive on PSUN. Take a look, PSUN is at the bottom of the article. The analyst seems to actually use reason and logic! Long PSUN.

    • Just listed to the
      interview with Gregg Weaver. He is at a conference in
      Florida (Raymond James, I think) Pretty interesting.
      Weaver even ventured to speculate that the stock would
      recover within weeks, not months. He also said it is
      unlikely that rising interest rates will have an impact on
      PacSun's teenage customers, who mostly buy an item at a
      time with money they either received as an allowance
      from Mom & Dad or made at an after-school job.

    • We all better hope that doesn't happen, because
      the resulting depression will make the 1930's look
      like a period of prosperity. The money being generated
      from tech stocks goes into the "value" companies in
      the form of revenues from consumer goods. Everything
      tanks if the techs do.

    • going to be like when the tech bubble won't get through to the on-line broker for a
      week! And neither will anyone else. There will be such
      a crash as nobody has seen before, since everybody
      will be desperate to sell the same 30 stocks, and
      there will be no takers. The internet will probably
      lock up solid...seems like poetic justice.

      luck to you.

    • Jumping in and out of stocks is not something a
      moron, as you put it, does.
      What do you think hedge
      funds do?
      I never said I was short PSUN, in fact got
      back in.
      And as far as being a Moron, I'm up almost
      86% since January 1.
      Jumping in and out has great
      rewards, but takes allot of work and timing.
      hard to time the market, but not as hard to time an
      individual stock.

    • these people think long means 2 weeks
      HAHAHA..incredible.. achmed 86 is right. when my teens tell me it aint
      cool anymore i will sell this stock split
      3/2 last year it will split again when it gets to the
      35-40 range hopefully 2/1..this is how you make money staying put instead of jumping around like a

    • It wasn't CNBC today, it was 3 Com......LOL
      bought COMS 4 weeks ago at 50 and watched it run up to
      117 this morning..was trying to get out before PALM
      traded, but dman Waterhouse on-line was down..tried
      calling on phone and I was on hold for 10 the
      time I got through, had to sell at 86 1/2!
      I still
      made a nice gain, but my nerves are
      This is the first time I had a stock like this that
      needed constant!!
      Anyhow, I think I
      was in a panic mode and sold PSUN too for that
      Looking to buy back in tomorrow...I think it's going much
      higher and now that I'm relaxed, can think much
      Hopefully I can get back in tomorrow at what I sold at, or
      less..but either way, will be back in tomorrow.
      Was a
      mistake to sell, but will be a bigger mistake to not buy
      Happens.....hope I don't have to deal with a stock like COMS again
      for a long time!!!
      The gains were nice, but the
      nerve damage is a bitch!! LOL

    • I beleive the next resistance level is 26-27; I
      also got out at 24 1/8; just can't take a chance after
      it hit 18 last time. Better safe than sorry. If it
      goes up, it will continue up. I beleive tommorrow is a
      significant day to watch the stock. LOL

    • << But I'm sure the oppisite will
      happen...when ever I get out, they pop up some..LOL.

      Renewal, you realize you're never gonna make great gains
      in the market, right? You just admitted that you
      keep making the same mistake over and over. You're
      timing the market. Can't be done. Many say they can do
      it. They're either lucky, or lying.

      having some conviction when you buy stocks instead of
      substituting CNBC for a spine. Don't pretend you don't know
      what I mean. You do.

      Good Luck

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