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  • Kekahio Kekahio Jan 8, 2001 6:35 PM Flag

    Call me a pessimist, but

    This slow-down in capital spending is hitting
    everyone in the industry. I don�t see how Frequency will
    NOT be affected, but can only hope for the best, as
    they have not mentioned a word of this to investors,
    and I�m happy with my entry price ($19).

    FEI�s management has yet to prove themselves top-notch.
    They�ve got good science and have found themselves in the
    right place at the right time, so they�ve delivered a
    couple of good quarters. But I�ve yet to see any great
    vision or strategic genius in management. I see an
    organization that just happens to make good technology that
    the market needs at this point in time.

    time will tell us whether they�ve got management that
    can lead an organization in a highly competitive
    market, or will be another flash in the technology

    I�m prepared for Frequency to miss revenue
    projections with the spending slow-down, but if they miss
    expectations without warning us, I�ll start to question
    management�s worth, and will probably pull my money out. I
    simply cannot afford to give my money to a management
    group that does not want to communicate these matters
    to me. A slowdown is expected, and factored into the
    price, but no big fund will touch these guys if they
    don�t treat their shareholders with respect.

    have seen some recent signs of fundamental and
    management improvement, but don�t have the confidence that
    many of you have here

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    • Kek:
      As an answer to your concerns:
      does not have to WARN. They are NOT AFFECTED BY
      CAPITAL SPENDING. If they have to warn, it will be a
      positive warning indeed but
      they do not do that.
      not go and rehash history with half truths
      old legal matters. Just remember: the Government
      needs FEI and not the other way around. FEI will do the
      job when called upon as they always did but they have
      no interest in low profit margins. They are busy
      what they do best..buiding more than 500 quality
      rubidiums a week. Be patient with stock. Disclosure: I am a
      shareholder of FEI.

    • FEI's top line growth went up over 21% in
      second quarter from the previous quarter! How many other
      companies have done this? They have
      the cash they need
      to move forward. This coming
      quarters numbers
      should be even stronger. Their
      is no need for profit
      warnings. If you don't believe in this company please do us
      all a favor and move on!

      • 1 Reply to BaysidePlayer
      • Frequency has been in business for over forty
        years Peter, yet they can only manage bring in about
        $11million in revenues per quarter. That�s pretty damn
        dismal in the technology industry (and this year is a
        vast improvement over prior years). I don�t see the
        next Gates, Ellison or Chambers here Peter, their
        historical performance speaks for itself.

        It is VERY
        evident that capital expenditures have slowed
        dramatically this quarter. Frequency is not immune to this
        slow-down. If you don�t believe that a slow-down in teleco
        equipment expenditures will affect Frequency�s top-line,
        that�s fine with me.

        What I'm saying is that I
        will be disappointed if they are experiencing a
        slowdown in revenues, but are not communicating this to
        their investors.

        Despite management�s undeniably
        poor performance over the last forty years, I bought
        an interest in Frequency because I�ve noticed a
        shift in management�s culture, as well as a rapid
        improvement in fundamentals. If this organization can stop
        acting like a corrupt and secretive government
        contractor and get competitive, as they appear to be doing,
        they could do well.

        Thanks for investing

    • "This slow-down in capital spending is hitting
      everyone in the industry. I don�t see how Frequency will
      NOT be affected, "

      Well I'll tell ya
      how.....It's called gaining market share. I don't expect every
      company in this industry to be effected negatively. Small
      companies with innovative and proprietary products do well
      in economic slowdowns....That is why small cap
      stocks out perform in these environments

      caps are more dependent on general economic
      conditions....Their growth is dependent on the general growth of the

      " I�ve yet to see any great vision or strategic
      genius in management. "

      Himmmmm.......Such as
      ??....No offense but would you know it if you saw

      If I were you and so negative I'd sell right
      now........If you are indeed long that is

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