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  • bigbucksfreddy bigbucksfreddy Jan 22, 2009 7:07 PM Flag

    Serious Response Only Please to This Question

    I hear so much about the economy, consumers not spending, etc. So why is it not affecting BBBY? I haven't heard a reasonable answer to that question from anyone here. It was, up until last Friday, that it was an options expiration thing. But that's past.

    So I ask in all seriousness, why is BBBY going up when everything else is so bad?

    I have my answer but I'll wait to see what others say. Thanks for the input.

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    • phil_fgv you again are comparing a company making money with a company like AIG. If we are going into a much worse depression then you are right that BBBY will go down from here. The whole market would then go down a lot more. You are just betting that BBBY will be going down worse than 99% of the rest.

    • What the hell is that comment supposed to mean? So now we must get bullish on BBBY based on hypotheticals? hahahahah
      "BBBY is only down because we're only in a Recession otherwise it would be in the 30s."

      That's like saying AIG would be a $50 stock today if it werent for the pesky credit bubble that popped.

      Yeah, if my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle.

      What a clown.

    • Linen's n things gone!!! simple math as LNT expires of closeout goods BBBY should capture more market share. Campare to Best Buy and Circuit City scenerio.

      P/E high at the moment, IMO, but if looking 6-12 months out 2010 spring numbers should look better. However, many LNT shoppers didn't shop @ BBBY for a reason even though very similiar layouts and merchandise. BBBY will pick up but I believe the likes of JCPENNY's will too. BBBY has more locations, most near a LNT so the odds are good that comp stores should pick up nicely.

      I used to work for BBBY, we knew LNT would not last: they always missed the mark on stock levels (empty pegs & shelves everywhere), merchandising, customer service, truely going beyond (travel to cust home to install, repair, consult, deliver, etc.) and no way keep up with the Bridal Registry program. No love lost between the two, that is for sure.

      BBBY's cash will keep them in the game much longer than most specialty stores.

    • gestumble if you are so brilliant then why make such a dumb statement of why their cash is down? Are you just a basher trying to tell lies? You are as bad or worse than Freddy.

    • phil_fgv if we were not in a recession right now BBBY would be trading in the 30s right now just like last year. BBBY only dropped because of the recession getting worse and followe the price of other stocks down.

    • Randy, you are being quite rude and are wrong. I am quite aware of the buyback and have actually commented directly to you about it in the past. Do a search my friend.

    • I think you just answered your own question. So, what's with being bullish on BBBY? The stock is trading at 14x EPS in year 1 of a Depression and is 48% of 52-wk lows. The risk is definitely to the downside here. Not sure how you can advocate getting long this piece of junk here.

    • phil_fgv I guess you need to get out of investing also. Go to the Microsoft board. You guys do not have a clue. There are dozens of stocks that have had buybacks. What has the price of those stocks done this year? Oh did you forget we are in a recession? What happens to stock prices usually in a recession?

    • Yeah. I have.
      In fact, MSFT announced a $40B sharebuyback on Sep 22, 2008.

      Let's see what it's done since. Hmmmm... down 32%. Doesn't look too good. I thought share buybacks meant the stock actually had a sustainable appreciation in share price from that point on irrespective of declining earnings or deteriorating business conditions. I guess not.

    • How far out are you writing those calls?

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