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  • thomasp2a thomasp2a Nov 30, 2012 5:07 PM Flag

    question for the board... thank you

    Has bbby become a store people become more irrelevant due to amazon etc.... a big retail block store like barnes and noble and best buy.... love the company and want to play earnings but concerned about this.... believe guidance is conservative so they should beat and want to buy a few options for earnings.... any feedback would be wonderful.... everyone have a great weekend

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    • Forgot to mention that I'm wondering how Cost Plus is working out for them.

    • Have you seen the numbers that they have to make? Next quarter is 1.75 on 3.41B. Next year is 4.62 on 10.96B and 5.15 on 11.76B for 2014. BBBY has changed over the years.They use to have alot of nice things,now it looks like a warehouse for T.V. products that don't sell anymore.I've shorted the last (2) earnings quarters and did great! Just be careful, I heard the gal say after thanksgiving on the phone that it was the slowest holiday that she'e seen in her 4 years @ BBBY! Good luck

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      • To short this stock is very risky, but it appears you have timed it well and they have warned so this dip is not expected. Basing your analysis on what you think they are selling and Sally at the Service Desk is just lazy though. History has not been kind to shorts of this stock and it will continue a slow climb into earnings. I would recommend doing a "little" more homework than what you have done to date. I think you'll find that this is a top notch mgnt group, developing new mix of cross concept product strategies, themes and a growing e-commerce business. This is a classic under promise/ over deliver play for earmings. Watch....and GL.

    • The answer to your question is no. Although customers may in fact go to a BBBY with one item in mind , they tend not to price shop that item against Amazon due to their aggressive coupon strategy and great customer service. BBBY and their other companies rely heavily on impulse buys, add on sales and cross selling and they do it very well. Yes most customers go into the building with an item in mind. Think of the answer from your own perspective, would you walk a BBBY for a comforter or Kuerig and then go to Amazon to find it cheaper? I feel it tends to be more prevelant with your larger ticket items like TVs etc. They have a very sharp managment team and an infrastructure that is somewhat in transition, buyers moving to NJ, CPWM intergration buy buy Baby growth spurt etc. So their conservative guidance does not surprise me one bit. Thomas, you would be wise to simply start accumalating right here and avg in over the next 6 months to their April earnings release. You will not regret it. Their recent aquisitions are going to manifest into something really special. This company spends money very conservatively and wisley and executes at a very high level. My one and only concern is the CTS concept which appears to be slowing in growth.With that said...... This will be a $100.00+ stock by April 2015..... book it.

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