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  • thomasjosephowens thomasjosephowens Mar 27, 2014 1:09 PM Flag

    This company

    Anyone know anything about this company? Why is is down these last couple of weeks?

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    • From earnings call, Saunders the Dilute and inside seller We followed a strong fourth quarter with continued revenue growth momentum in the first quarter of 2014," said John Saunders, chairman and CEO. Yet they still lost .01 Why because they diluted the stock another 5%, 1.2 + million more shares Q over Q this year. Best thing anyone can do is write them and ask them why they keep issuing share to themselves and selling? SEC? When you buy you're just buying the insiders who sit at the offer all year. it worth $.60

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    • I was going to buy some but once I looked at the Form % filings all these clowns have I changed my mind.
      Until they stop issuing options/diluting and selling I'd stay away.
      Check SEC filings. ALL the insiders transactions here go like this, grant themselves Stock Options then sell. Repeatedly for the last 6 years!
      John Saunders 87,500 sold
      Leann Saunders 87,500 sold
      They just issued Pete Lapaseotes 175,000 shares looks like to pay off a debt maybe is the notation on the SEC form. Maybe he will start unloading on the market too.
      The CFO just got another 20,000 he can sell in September.
      It's all there to see. probably why they like this little piggy bank on the bulletin Board in semi darkness.

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    • low float and one big holder wanted to sell? It's really only down if you're looking from the all time high. Over just about any other timeframe it's still way up.

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