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  • lanceboyle64 lanceboyle64 Nov 16, 2011 9:15 AM Flag

    Letter from Les Goldman

    "November 16, 2011 OTCBB:NWBO

    Dear Lance,

    Thought you might appreciate reading the attached news article: "Cancer Vaccine Tested; UCLA Expert Can Eliminate Brain Tumor In Patient," by La Opinion, a Spanish-language newspaper, published on November 9, 2011.

    The article features Jennifer Sugioka, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor 11 years ago and subsequently entered the DCVax® Phase 1 Clinical Trial program back in 2000. Now at age 34, she is one of the 28% of the original trial patients who have survived longer than 6 years. Without the vaccine, the average time to death with the full standard of care (surgery, radiation and chemotherapy) is only 14 months, and less than 3% of patients are still alive at 5 years.

    So, from our perspective, all the folks in Jennifer's category (the 28% of DCVax patients who have survived longer than 6 years to date) represent an important, although not yet complete, step in the right direction. As an individual survival story, Jennifer’s case is both dramatic and heartwarming. As an indication of what might be possible on a broader scale, it is a meaningful milepost on the road to commercialization in view of DCVax having produced, by a significant margin, the longest reported survival extensions in brain cancer patients.

    We need a lot more clinical data beyond this story, and we are working every day to acquire that data as we aggressively move the GBM trial foreword both in the US and Europe. But sometimes an individual story like this one also can help us understand a bit more clearly what all our efforts might ultimately produce. So, we thought you might find this story of interest.

    Thanks to so many of you who have taken the time to send in your thoughts, and sometimes constructive criticism, of our releases and prospects. It is all very helpful.

    And as always, stay tuned........
    Leslie J. Goldman"

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    • Here's the problem with the pablum-- Nothing on when we might get some interim clinical data on the GBM trial, patient enrollment estimated trial completion --nothing. Talking about everything except what matters. JMHO

    • The article:
      Cutting Edge Cancer Vaccine May Offer Local Brain Cancer Patients Better Odds Against Terminal Disease


      UCLA Expert Can Eliminate A Brain Tumor In A Patient

      By Melara Yurina Valiulison, .

      (Los Angeles, California) November 9, 2011 ---- At 23 years old, Jennifer Sugioka was diagnosed with a type of brain tumor that has an average survival period of one year and a half. But thanks to an experimental vaccine, developed by a doctor from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Jennifer is now 34 years old and her tumor has disappeared.

      As if taken from a science fiction story, Dr. Linda Liau has developed a vaccine made with the cancer cells and white blood cells of the patient to "reeducate" the immune system to attack cancer tumors.

      The surgeon removes and saves the tumor of patients and white blood cells are also removed. Over a period of three weeks the cancer cells are incubated and "reeducated" to this group of white blood cells to enter the body that can "attack" the tumor and get rid of it.

      This new vaccine is a new version of the scientific trend of personalized medicine and is designed to tailor treatment to the specific characteristics of the individual.

      So far, the standard treatment (surgery, chemo, and radiation) which in theory work the same in a woman of any age have many side effects.

      Personalized medicine, according to Dr. Liau, allows the side effects to be minimal and more effective.

      The trial of this vaccine in people began at UCLA in 1999. Jennifer came referred by her doctor in 2000 after being told that there was not much the standard treatment could do for her.

      "After I had surgery to remove the tumor I felt better almost immediately, and the vaccine had no side effects," said Jennifer.

      Dr. Liau said currently the vaccine is in phase two of clinical research and they are waiting on concrete results on the benefits to a large group of patients.

      "We have seen that this vaccine has worked in patients in phase one clinical trials ... we hope that upon completion of phase two in a couple of years we will get approval from the FDA," said Dr. Liau.

      The phase one trial at UCLA included 46 patients. For phase two, the research has expanded to 17 nationally renowned hospitals, among which are New York University (NYU).

      Les Goldman, vice president of business development at Northwest Biotherapeutics, which is in charge of vaccine production, said the cost of this treatment is a third of what it costs the standard treatment of care.

      "We are confident that we are on track to develop a new medicine that will revolutionize the standard treatment. We believe that this vaccine may become the new standard treatment for these types of patients," said Goldman, who has expanded the clinical trials to Europe.

      For each day, for more than a decade, that Jennifer has managed to live she is highly appreciative of the gift.

      "I feel good. I still can not believe I'm alive," she said.

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