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  • mlady6968 mlady6968 Mar 19, 2013 3:43 PM Flag

    Any Observations On How NWBO Trades?

    Lot's of bullish comments on the potential here but you don't see too many biotechs completely ignore what should be considered a string of bullish news. Fundamentals seem to be improving but technicals are terrible. If NWBO can't advance on decent developments how is it going to advance with no news or even bad news? Just saying, seems like a red flag and I am not short. But not sure I want to be holding a stock that can't hold a bid...for whatever reason. Thinking this is short term overhang from recent deals or shorts piling on. Comments?

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    • I think a lot of people, myself included, are expecting one more dilution before any big news. That may make a lot some people, especially big investors, cautious. Additionally, I see this as a mid-term (end of this year to middle of next) gamble based on the results of the trial, which may limit short term interest when the rest of the market is trending upwards.

      I put my money in anyway because I'm not certain, and think the upside potential more than makes up for the risk. Also because I'm not in for that much and can afford to lose the whole chunk if things go south.

    • ... almost ignored... it did push up almost to the last capital raise of 4 dollars the day before last. Volume was good as well.... maybe will get some more positive news from the conference today... very well put thoughts mlady.... i beleive we may be nearer to a substantial advance...

    • i think for sure its an over hang from short term investors (agis) and the conversion from debt to equity .
      I guess some may just need to sell..
      However , if it works you will look back and see this has been an opportunity.
      The over hang is providing a very cheap entry if NWBO manages to get German permission and early trail results are promising .
      If you were more conservative , you could wait and see if the german news comes through.
      This short term is very importanat as i believe it will almost immediately solve the short term cash worries too.
      As i have stated before . i do believe there is a lot of money sitting on the side lines from funds awaiting this news as they know the company can then come to the market and get the rest of the money they need to see both the trails through.
      the price you will have to pay , will of course be a lot more....
      your investment will be far less risky .

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