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  • chessnotcheckersed chessnotcheckersed Apr 28, 2013 9:48 PM Flag

    CLSN and NWBO

    I like to think I am a pretty good trader and I like biotech. Everyone talks about CLSN as if it was a total disaster but I made a killing in it. I loaded it 1.70 and blew it all out at 4. The AF rule relates to biotech stocks, their market cap and the phase 3 results. In between there is ample room to trade. NWBO is currently trading with almost a 80% chance for failure baked in the share price. It has a 100 million market cap and 300 million in tax loss credits! It trades at 5 times cash when one considers the 5.5 million dollar grant. We all understand how precarious it is extrapolating too much from single site small unblinded trials but the results were at the very least encouraging. The point is, if NWBO were in the high single digits I would be wary. But the story has yet to unfold. There is no volume. There is no real hype. It has never made a move. Thus, I think the risk reward favors at least watching it. I will load it on a dip. I like it at 3.30 although a move there would mean the chart is completely broken. As for Ms. Powers she has put her money where her mouth is but I would prefer a more esteemed figure head-- an oncologist or neuro surgeon etc... She sounds to me like a soccer mom acting as CEO.

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    • Chess -

      Though I appreciate your comments on NWBio, it's cheap to pick numbers off a graph and say you bought low and sold high. Maybe you did, but it distracts from credibility. Correction on NWBO - the current phase III is double blinded. All the technicals you site don't matter fundamentally. When push comes to shove, either DCVax-L will fail, or it will succeed. I can't see the FDA knocking it down because really, what risk is there in treating a person dying from one of the most lethal cancers out there that kills within 3 months? GBM is a sick demon of a cancer and deadly as hell. If the FDA shoots down a vaccine for it, people will get angry. If the FDA knocks it down, NWBO will be in big trouble. But if DCVax-L is approved, NWBO will skyrocket. That's the only thing you have to know. The rest of the technicals you site are irrelevant.

    • Never made a move? Went to $20 on 9/28. Today it trades like it has a warrant problem.

    • can you tell us why those -apparently- stupid Germans donated 5.5 million dollars if this was indeed a dud ?

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      • the stupid germans havnt given 5.5 million dollars.
        that will come when final permission is given and is only a match grant.i.e NWBO has to match the 5.5 spend to get the money.
        where is the risk for them.
        this is why the german news is so important , not only does it offer again massive verification of the treatment but it frees up the cash.
        until then i guess the wise thing to is sit on the sidelines which i believe is happening in Europe.
        I havnt sat on the side lines as i didnt realise they would be so stupid as to raise money without going to Europe for a second time and end up with what looks like a pretty average bunch of share holders.

      • Don't forget la.taupe those stupid Germans also have 24 centers ready to open and went through the hassel to verify a clean room. I don't think the Germans are so stupid myself they seem to have a pretty successful company going on. It's a hold folks, be patient and get these centers open with the new patients and the price will hold at a much higher price.

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