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  • chessnotcheckersed chessnotcheckersed May 1, 2013 9:33 PM Flag


    I do have an agenda and that is to buy again NWBO at a lower price. I can't be more transparent than that can I? See I actually that this company might actually succeed despite the company. The company makes this a great opportunity. Any other management and the market cap should be twice what it is. But because they are so inept, this COULD be the trade of a lifetime. I am not in disagreement with Larry Smith on this. The upside is ridiculous but the company is so horrible at doing the most basic things it is easy to understand the other side of the story, the story AF tells everyone and a story I feel the need everyone should know. Now there is a going concern in the 10K and it is there for good reason. Investing in this company can cost you everything. But you could also make a fortune. That is the "good" I was going to get to. So what I plan on doing is buying when it goes to 3.30. At 3.30 I think the risk/reward is in our favor. Should they ever actually get DCVax-Direct trial up and running I think it could "fill the gap" and go to 5. I just have so little faith in the company and think the invariable delay will result in the buying opportunity I am describing. Now peace be with you my brother but you have to admit those salaries are ridiculous.

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    • Answer the prev points first. Your masters (IMUC) get paid shed loads more $$$$$ than NWBO & that your other phenom (Celsion) get shedloads +++++.
      So DAEHKCID admit / answer the QQQQQ.
      p.s. so u loaded up on CELSION at $4 (NOV '12) & it's worth $0.85 today.
      WOWEE, can u manage my portfolio for me.......LOL

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Curious the salaties were significantly increased last year when Linda became the CEO and were much less before,maybe it was a deal of some sort. Certainly seem high for some of the staff.

      Chess, I dont mindreading your posts but no one here believes you as your claims about your trades in CLSN have been exposed. I do wonder about your motives, in posting here.

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