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  • mtaotter mtaotter Jun 11, 2013 1:40 PM Flag

    Its so quiet. I think I know why.

    The next piece of news is likely to be a "pure" catalyst. The announcement of DCvax direct trial initiation is likely to act as catalysts due in chemistry. That is, enhance the reaction without losing inherent substance. I can hear a pin drop, because we all know that sets a timeline in motion that will be the talk of the world. Once the DCvax direct trial starts, there will be initial exuberance followed by people realizing the exuberance is too short to pass on. The shorts/bears will try to keep things under control until October (solid confirmation), but we are talking about a sea-change to more than big pharma, we are talking about a sea-change in medicine, longevity and hope. Who wants to miss that train?

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    • I agree. This is the quiet before the storm, the convergence of 3 key and validating milestones coming together very shortly, as in within the next few weeks...
      1. Approval from the German government for Phase 3 trial to begin, grant of $5.5M to fund these trials, Fraunhofer (prominent list of hospitals ready to start. (Plus the UK 5/16/13 initiate trial, national priority status milestones already achieved is major.)
      2. DCvax Direct trial - as you state very well...
      3. DCVax-L interim results, DMC to recommend "continue trial" - a validation point (possibly a threshold event) for some institutional investors and a general validation made over a larger population of patients over 49 sites to-date (as opposed to a Phase 1 of 20)
      Taken together NWBO can no longer be ignored by institutional investors, and that will be the start of a sustained rise in the stock price, IMO.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • 2013. Forget the Tour de France, America's Cup or the Pennant Race. This is the Race for the Cure! I guarantee you if all goes well, you'll want to remember where you were, what you were doing and who you were with when the runners come across the finish line.

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      • Maybe its serendipity, but America's Cup is pushing the 3 Day 39 mile Breast Cancer Walk in San Francisco to early fall this year (instead of early summer).

        San Francisco was named after Saint Francis of Assissi.

        "Francis' compassion for people struggling with poverty and illness inspired many more fortunate people to reach out to help those in need. Francis himself experienced both poverty and illness for many years, since he chose a simple life and contracted conjunctivitis and malaria while ministering to sick people. Francis prayed that God would perform miracles through him to help people in need whenever doing so would serve a good purpose."

        (I'm not Catholic, but I thought this was a nice sentiment)

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