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  • annickawaechter annickawaechter Sep 7, 2013 10:31 AM Flag

    Tis is how it works with companies that are about to explode

    If you look at the Nasdaq website you see an increase in institutional ownership of 1,697,000 shares and only a decrease 79,000 shares. You see that there are 10 new positions of 1,385,000 shares and only 4 sold out positions of 63,000 shares. You can only see that Dennis Mehiel has bought an 8% passive stake in NWBO of more than 3,000,000 shares.
    I don't care if you sell your little position. I only see an increase in confidence in northwest biotherapeutics.

    If you don't have any patience, you're like one of the 98% of small investors that sell their small position and see that a few months later their past investment has 5 or 10-folded. One advice: if institutional companies are buying and when a Multi-millionaire like Dennis Mehiel is buying, don't look at the small volatility of the stock price! Instead buy more or at least hold your position, because you'll be rewarded BIG!

    PS I am holding 10,000 shares

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    • I dont think so! NWBO has struggled for years with less than desirable results that are considered legitimate and with the dark cloud of dishonesty. I doubt anyone will make money on this issue.

    • Annie I think you meant to say "this is how it works with a company about to implode". Oh poor Annie (no pun intended) do you know what a death cross is? It's when the 200 day moving average is about to cross over the 50 day moving average. It typically portends a rather swift move down in a stock. In about 10 more trading days all things being equal the pos that is NWBO will be one if the few biotech sticks with this unenviable distinction. In laymans terms it means notwithstanding your constant rants about institutional ownership over the last 200 days there has been selling overwhelming buying. Please stop with your delusional claims as I will be forced to find you help and sell some calls against your position. You can get .20 cents for the October 5 call. Direct does not work! The trial will come and pass and nothing of it will be said just a lot of money spent. Direct was served up as a distraction for the delay in L and has now back fired. So sell some calls and some stock for that matter and be careful

    • I exited my position Wednesday. The reason being it's been 12 weeks since the start of DC-VAX Direct and the price and volume action are not signaling a positive outcome. I have decided to wait this one out. If positive news comes out and the treatment works there will be plenty of time to re-establish a position, especially after they do another offering after the news. Good luck to all.

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      • as I've said: you're just one of the 98% small investors...
        Indeed michaelangelo: if news is released premarket - and realize that management does never release insignificant news - pps can go up to 20dollar/share.

        1. 1st interim analysis on safety and efficacy by the FDA data monitoring board for DCVax-L phase 3
        with possible BLA-status grantuition
        2. expanding trials in the US, UK and Germany (and for Germany defenite approval to start the trials over there)
        3. DCVax-direct first unblinded results
        4. expansion of the DCVax-direct trial locations whether it is for phase 1 or phase 2
        5. possible partnering for DCVax-prostate
        6. ... I think Asia will start to come along too... You should go to linkedin and see how powerfull Linda Powers' connections are in Asia and Israel as well

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      • If the news is released premarket and is great this will open up to 20/share right away you won't have time to reestablish a position. Just buy some protective PUT in case it doesn't go your way.

        Sentiment: Hold

    • I agree with the other poster.. Anni you need to have some puts with your position unless the posibility of losing most all of your 35k doesn't matter to you. (but you will have a nice tax reduction.. ask me how I know). NWBO has little cash and all their chips are now on the table with the start of direct and news of brain and/or direct coming fairly soon. If news is less than stellar on either, the stock will tank probably way more than 50% do to the lack of cash and nothing in the pipeline non DCVAX related. On the other hand, if the news is stellar, 100% + in short order is on tap with much more to come and I will be "all aboard", which is why I enjoy investing in baby bios.

      And yes, I agree, the price of this stock is about to explode one way or the other, but I will increase my position substantially the second a PR on positive news from either trial. Also, Dennis Mehiel has been invested since 2011, he isn't a new investor in this company and as far as I know based on his resume, knows very little about emerging bio-tech companies.

      I'm not trying to kill your enthusiasm and enjoy reading your posts. But NWBO could be SRPT or a CLSN.. just be prepared for either to happen.

    • Do you have a protective PUT with that? That's gonna hurt bad if DCVax turned out to be a dud. Geez, I only have 2k shares and in this am feeling nervous already.

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      • No I don't, I would be curious to know in what stocks you diversified. I let go NBS, CUR, ASTX and ATRS..! It all depends of our risk tolerance and our psych behavior as an investor, and how quick we want to make money. I decided to follow my gut feeling...

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      • DCVax-L works. You can be 100% sure of that. There are at least 2 people still alive for more than 10 years who had newl diagnosed GBM (people from phase 1). P-values of phase 1 are so strong (less than .0003) that results from phase 1 couldn't have happened accidently. In Europe and the US the newly diagnosed GBM treatment market is valued a total of 2billion dollar and growing. Considering that DCVax-L would become the new standard of care (I don't believe IMUC would become it, because they have HLA-restrictions and therefore only 50% of the patients can be included to a ICT-treatment) than DCVax-L would make revenues of more than 700 million dollar/year (30% market share)

        Look at Fraunhofer, Kings College, Cleveland Clinic, American Brain Tumor Association (NWBO did sponsor their family day): all have connections with DCVax-L.

        Then of course you have DCVax-direct and its' connection with MD Anderson. MD Anderson... says enough doesn't it. But let me add the abnormality that the FDA has granted DCVax-direct an immediate go-through to phase 2 for colon cancer without discussing the phase 1 results first!

        Then you have DCVax-prostate phase 3, ready to partner. Excellent results have been showed in previous trials as well.

        Institutions are increasing their positions. A Multi-millionaire has taken a 8% passive stake in nwbo (more than 3 million shares equalling a fortune of more than 10 million dollars). I'm sure these institutions and the millionaire have better information sources than we do.

        If you know Linda Powers, you should also consider her excellent connections in Asia...

        In my opinion NWBO will become a +$30/share stock next year and a +$100/share stock in a few years. All I have to do, is lay back and enjoy. Be sure: I have done my DD and will continue to do so.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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