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  • whiskeygamble whiskeygamble Sep 9, 2013 2:08 PM Flag


    You mentioned in an earlier post that you have spoken with Les Goldman in the past and you thought that you might reach out again. Have you tried recently? I'm just wondering because I am seriously considering calling myself and asking a few questions. I think there should be some communication from this company in some form other than a declining stock price. If there isn't news worthy information to share at this point with the world then at the very least they could man up and have a conference call with shareholders... Frankly, I would like to hear how they plan to manage what little cash they have left with two ongoing trials. I would like to hear some discussion on why they thought that taking on the Direct trial was in their best interest considering the financial condition of the company. Just a simple freaking update on how enrollment is going in either trial would be something.

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    • I am going to call Les and see if we can get an update on anything......... he is usually very careful these days not to talk about anything not yet released but at the very least we can put the questions forth to express our concerns. Are there any specific questions anyone would like asked? Why the lack of communication around the studies? ie enrollment numbers, start of direct, etc? What is the plan for financing moving forward? Why has Sabby sold out? How long until they need cash? Is cognate selling? (wouldn't cognate have to communicate to the markets if they were selling being a majority holder?). Are we still on track to meet the timelines set forth with the studies?

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      • Anything?

      • "I am going to call Les and see if we can get an update on anything"

        Be sure to ask him why he doesn't own any stock in the company (or at least that I can find).

      • Looks like an update is appreciated. Just a thought on this ten month stretch share price, no one the has bought NWBO since the listing has lost much money at all so this management strategy of silence wasn't all bad but it is time to move forward with the new news. Let us know how the call to Les works out Austin. I confident the 3.20 line will not be broken as it is where the good guys draw a line in the sand.It is the .20 cents old price, would like to see the old 35 cent floor come back with some news releases.

      • It was the August 9th news release on tthree modification let to do in Germany pertaining to the centers opening. How about an update on this progress and time line.

      • Hey Austin..thanks for stepping up and calling. I think you are more likely to get some answers having had a history of calling Les. At least a better chance than a cold call by myself. As you said, you may not get too many straight answers but at least it will give them some idea of the shareholders concerns. You covered the questions I would have asked. I might also ask about the publication of the preclinical studies with that going to be published? Has it been submitted? What is the hold up? I might also find a nice way to ask what they saw in the preclinical studies that was so compelling to put the whole company at risk by starting trials with Direct? I would try to get a clue on whether the rumors of the -L trial in europe being oversubscribed are true? Just off the top of my head those would be questions I might ask.

      • Is the timeline NWBO set up on July 26, 2013 still on schedule, or do they need to make modifications to that schedule?

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