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  • mtaotter mtaotter Nov 18, 2013 6:29 PM Flag

    Size of Global Oncology Treatment Market. 157 Billion Per Year.

    DCVax® is a specified immune therapies for solid tumor cancers. The global market for cancer therapies is expected to reach around 157.9 billion by 2013. DCVax® was previously featured in news coverage on both Fox News and Fox Business News. Dr. Siegel state. --- Small Cap Network, November 18, 2013.

    Just ball parking the percent that are solid tumor, I'd project a 120 billion dollar market for DCVax if it became the first line therapy on all solid tumor cancers.

    Just extrapolating the math from Seeking Alpha, that would be a share price of 4000.

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    • Your numbers are correct. According to the American Cancer Society it is estimated that over 1,600,000 people in the United States will be newly diagnosed with a malignant solid tumor in 2013. So, if each DCVax- Direct annual treatment costs $40,000 that means the prospective Northwest Bio’s market opportunity in the US alone could be as high as $64 billion dollar. Europe typically is the same as the US as is the rest of the world. This brings the potential in the world for solid tumors to over $180 Billion.

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      • Wow!!!

        From the movie "The Jerk" -- Steve Martin

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    • You are a bit off in your projections. There is a Lucintel Report that has the global oncology market at $100 billion by 2018. That includes blood cancers, something DCVax at this stage can't treat.

      But just to have a little fun, if there was a $120 billion dollar market for DCVax, your price target is way off. You are not taking into account the forward looking market. You would need to attach a multiplier of at least 10 if they dominated the market like that. At which point, using 50 million shares as a basis, it would be a $24,000 pps. Obviously this is all pretty ridiculous.

    • mtaotter,
      if we are honest, there are still no hard facts on clinical results, just the promising story of the dr. dolittle-show on fox which is a well timed promotion in my opinion to come out with an secondary with higher prices and less dilution. until now there is only the story the folk are betting on.

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      • I think Linda is credible. I think she is watching the open study direct results come in. As she does, she continues to state DCVax is a significant improvement over anything out there, and she infers in clinical, which she is looking at, the cancer is not returning. 10Q and earlier writings. Also listen to Les. However, nobody should ever bet the farm on anything like this. I'm just sayin', best case scenario, a share price of 4000 is possible.

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