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  • freddyy8321 freddyy8321 May 15, 2014 2:00 PM Flag

    If the drug shrinks tumors what more do you want to hear now?

    The current very low share price can NOT be justified in any way.
    The share price should be a lot higher right now.

    What news?
    If shrinking tumors is not good enough then I do not know what is.

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    • That it actually shrinks tumors not just one tumor in one patient! Don't get me wrong, I truly hope this portends great things to come, but get real, this is just one case and while it is great news for the patient, it is only a glimmer of hope for us longs!

    • Gee Freddy, you are so right. The one patient trial for P1 and P2 is incredible. I wonder how many rhesus monkies were studied also because this will make nwbo explode.

    • Freddy....This is only going to get better as I quote from PR below:
      "The specific case study announced today involves a sarcoma patient with a large tumor mass and multiple inoperable metastatic tumors in the lung. This patient received the first 3 DCVax-Direct injections through the course of a month, starting in February. He received a fourth injection in early April and then was scanned for results in early May. At that time, this patient's MRI scan showed extensive necrosis and partial collapse of the injected large tumor mass, and a CT scan showed some early indication of shrinkage of one of the non-injected metastasized tumors. These results suggest both local and systemic effects of the DCVax-Direct treatment, as were seen in the pre-clinical studies.

      These encouraging results were further supported by tumor biopsies taken at the time of the most recent injection, which showed a high rate of tumor necrosis and appearance of T cells (immune cells) infiltrating into the injected tumor.

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      • This is nothing short of incredible news that will be further supported by similar case studies and data leading up to ASCO. All the seemingly hyperbolic statements about the potential of NW (game-changer, disruptive tech, etc) will soon begin to be seen as realistic. Big pharma won't like it but you know what, tough S. This is great day for cancer patients and those who have stuck with NWBO through thick and thin.


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    • Good point FREDDY !!!
      However, I think the medical community is always abit cautious. SOO many claims out there re: cures for cancer, so I hear you with your very valid statement. It is gonna take time for the medical community,invester, etc to read, understand ,believe AND DIGEST...hope this helps !!!

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