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  • jyardagg jyardagg May 23, 2014 6:47 PM Flag

    Adam really mislead the masses about something

    Adam states that a DC vax L update is overdue. Incorrect.
    The DC vax L first look resulted an a continue at the 66th event to be looked at again on the 88th event,
    In a continue on the first look the efficacy result is always pending until the next look.'
    nothiing is "overdue" on DC vax L and the Phase 3 study goes on, the longer they take the better.
    Adam and other shorts deriding comments on DC vax L being overdue are just frustrated short sided thinking with no basis in fact.

    it will takthe 88th event and subsequent DMC anaysis to see.

    but nothing's overdue.

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    • jyar.It will be interesting to see who is right.Germany or AF.

    • The question you should be asking is why anybody pays any attention to what he writes.
      You should be asking why he has so much power and influence whereby people buy or sell based on what he writes.
      We all know he has an agenda with any stock that he writes about but again why do people care so much what he writes, thinks or says about any stock?
      If Joe Smith or whoever wrote the same thing as him would anybody care?
      It is getting dumb to constantly obsess about what that guy writes about NWBO.
      He has already been proven to distort and mislead while writing about NWBO and constantly insinuates that the CEO of NWBO is engaging in some lies or deception so why does anybody pay any attention to him?

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      • benny, I know why people pay attention to the guy. Cause on the average he beats the averages in betting against small cap biotech and shorts love to target his short picks it doesn't matter why/ the stock is now tainted as a stock with shorts and only performance can beat them, they are confident nwbo will fail and are here to stay until the final count, it is what it is,

        I hope nwbo beats the averages , I'm in some, but don't expect much, still, I would like to be amazed and see pfs and os numbers beat the odds on dc vax L. just not counting on it,

    • You have to understand that AF relies on the hedge fund short sellers to provide his content. In return, he fronts for them as they collude to drive down stock prices. This is not just aimed at NWBO. The shorts use AF widely to create fear and uncertainty. This is a massive conspiracy to manipulate stocks. The hedge funds have made AF's reputation by giving him content which he does not have the ability to create on his own. They can then use AF's platform to create uncertainty with the longs. Hopefully, the FBI will get involved in this.

    • jyar, It's bad enough that AF mislead the masses, think about poor pro, he still thinks he's getting paid for working the street & then posting on this board. Levity rules. We all will reach the end of the line some day, we hope & pray we are not on the express train.

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      • bottom line is he doesn't believe that it will meet the statistical bar so he derides every thing they say or do along the way, he will state things as fact that still have yet to play out in the scientific process.

        it is unknown as to the full human response yet Adam presents his guesses as facts and derides nwbo for stating anything positive.

        he thinks he is the anti pump but is the negative spin doctor himself over the top in trying to find negative things .

        but people seem to live longer on DC vax L with GBM. why? we have to wait to see the numbers and adam's guess as to why it will fail is as good as a guess that it will succeed. same as calling a coin toss in mid air as a fact.

        we have to wait to see,.

        I now discount the Gernan PEI because no follow thru as the whys but it adds to the plus side anyway,

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