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  • value_huntin value_huntin May 29, 2014 4:16 PM Flag

    CLDX, I don't think so

    NWBO is ahead in testing and has had better results in Phase I/II. That was clearly a subjective piece put out. I think NWBO is far ahead with results and deserves the CLDX market cap. CLDX is an AF fave. Maybe it is a new method of attack by him and his friends.

    We need some more analysts here. See if ASCO can drag them out. They usually only come out of the woodwork if their IB can get business. You think Wall Street is crooked. It is. Haven't heard from Oppy since they didn't get the last round of Investment banking.

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    • I recently sold NWBO after the initial case study pop and put some of the profits into CLDX. The fact that efficacy data was promised and then curiously never mentioned again makes me think that the trial will have to expand in order to show any kind of statistical benefit. The original case study data released also seemed odd: why not wait a week and release all the initial data together?

      We also haven't heard anything from Germany in the past two months, why hasn't their been any update on this or enrollment numbers?

      The fact that CLDX has had two partnerships (one with a BMY) was more encouraging, The fact that NWBO has wanted to partner DCVax Prostate and not yet received any suitors also weighs (though perhaps they will announce partnership during ASCO).

      Don't be too heavily concentrated in this longs! I think there's a lot of overly exuberant pumping by people pulling snippets of FDA text and wishfully combining them into some magical story of accelerated approval/early termination due to efficacy.

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      • 100% spot on.. Additionally, to BMY, they have a pipeline that is enormous, quite unprecedented. Their existing pipeline of well received, peer reviewed data and clinically exceptional will be further developed exponentially as their targets, let's say EGRFvIII for GBM. Seeking Alpha mentione 30% of the GBM population; however clue phone please EGFRvIII is found in numerous other cnacers and are considered primary targets. It is not that Rindo will be successful, rather it is the elimination of the primary antigen expressor EGFRvIII that will be addressed elsewhere. Same for their Glemba CDX-O11 , mid to high GPNMB. And well Varli (CDX-1127 without any hyperbole will literally according to the top immunologist in the country will transfigure/transform the entire field of Immunotherapy if it continues to show what it has to date. It is a paradigmatic changer but I should not speak in such multi syllabic words as we are dealing with casino crowd here. They do (posters here) very little if any DD. It is sad.

    • So CLDX has ~3-4 month OS and 2 month PFS benefit. LOL. Okay, that is considered good??? IMUC has 3 month benefit for both OS and PFS when it is all said and done. But somehow that is a complete failure.


    • Agree with you and other comments here................CLDX. Really!
      Another bad SA article.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • That author previously published another article on SA on MNKD which, according to him, would not be approved, rehashing AF's pseudo-argumentation. The AdCom on MNKD was 13 yes to 1 no for T1, 14 yes to 0 no on T2, and MNKD is awaiting approval. He is known for his AF following and his reliance on fortune telling (Yep, go to the comment section!)
      A lot of weird stuff on that current piece, including comparing Celldex and NWBO phases, but for Phase III for Celldex, he uses 75% of events to give him a mid 2015 date when ClinicalGov says November 2016 for top line data and compares that 75% of events with the top line data for NWBO! Very misleading!
      What struck me though looking at his slide is how NWBO IS SO UNDERVALUED TODAY!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I was on the CLDX roller coaster last year starting with a purchase of 200 shares 6/17/13 at $16.03 and completed an accumulation period getting to 1K shares 6/28/13 (overall cost basis ~ $16). The stock jumped big time and rode it up to over $30 PPS selling some to cover my investment but also bought back on dips.

      I was into NWBO for over 1 1/2 years and used CLDX to diversify my investment in BIO Techs and both were doing very well. CLDX started dropping big time in early 2014 and I finally sold out of it 3/15/14 at $23.05 and glad I did so. Reason I did was because I was seeing that it really looked like the CLDX drop was due to NWBO. I made decent money from CLDX while tracking all my trades but would not have if I continued to hold much longer.

      I used the money to buy more NWBO and also the FBDIX BIO fund (which was also falling pretty big at the time).

      I think CLDX is a very good company and has a very cheap PPS right now but I really believe it's stock dropped big time because of NWBO. CLDX is widely held by institutions and is also promoted by large media which will help it a lot.

      I still like CLDX but think NWBO has THE product and hope the solution which is fighting and curing CANCER will be much more clear after ASCO.

      God bless all NWBO longs like me but no reason to bash CLDX either!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • dknoble May 29, 2014 6:08 PM Flag

      It was odd reading this persons assessment of the four companies but they spent most of their time trying to belittle NWBO and Linda Powers.
      More crap from the street and those associated with it.

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      • That was really odd. His rationale for selecting CLDX was because he felt LP was a great CEO to have in your corner but her endless fight with AF makes him shy away. Astounding that Seeking Alpha thinks this is an assessment to be published. You would think it would be trading higher as the author claims but he attributes the low price to the feud going on. What kind of idiot logic do you have to be to get to post on SA. Sorry guys. I guess we have another enemy now.

    • According to the timeline in the article Cldx is ending first. We need to get going on those Additional clinics for the EU and Germany. LP said at the end of May or beginning of June.

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