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  • mayerbci mayerbci Mar 17, 2011 4:03 PM Flag

    HOKU is Hopless

    Amazing how it trades. They pound it down, down, down when some selling comes in, low or high volume. When buying comes in nothing happens unless it's a barrage of volume. Then it drops right back down on little volume. Today when flurries of buys kept firing off it did nothing. Then it drops like a brick on light trading and has no recovery on buying flurries. Just look a the last few minutes and you'll see buying bursts did nothing. This stock is rigged for sure.

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    • there is a lot of reasons to be very optimistic about hoku. first off there is only around 72 poly-si plants in the world. it is almost next to impossible to get one of these things built anywhere. with a average cost of 1 billion to make one, this makes it even harder.

      since seimans is building this plant, it will have the worlds best technology. almost every other poly-si plant is using 4-5 year old technology. since they can make poly-si at $30 a kg, i don't see why hoku can't beat this. giving them a huge margin next to competitors.

      the next earnings is at 5-23, the plant should be up and running by then, if not fully done it should be at least in test runs. either or it should show just what the cost to produce would be at, this is very crucial i think at this point. if they can beat or meet industry standards we will be fine.

    • I am also optimistic the plant will start up in Q2. The location provides low cost energy and reasonable labor costs. The demo run last year produced high quality poly. I expect the production run will do the same. All the major equipment is in place and the on-site team is completing the detail connections.

    • They are making polysilicon, not beer.

    • Nothing has changed in the last month. As soon as there is positive news the stock will take off. As soon as the management finally gives a date of completion the stock will really take off. Volume of 150-200k is not high volume. When you see a million or more then you will know it's ready for prime time. People like gunner can control the price until then. Once the big investors come in, then we will see movement. If you're on the outside looking in, then you miss a big move.

      Bashers keep bashing, but in the end, if you're not holding the stock, you eventually loose.

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