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  • mayerbci mayerbci Jun 10, 2011 9:05 AM Flag

    as someone who knows about poly-si i thought i let you all know this

    So much effort for someone that has no interest in HOKU. Nice try.

    FYI the plant was the main HOKU story before any shift in Poly prices. Today's Poly pricing has no baring on this story.

    The plant has a long future and customers will lock in prices regardless of future prices. Some days customers will lock in and prices will rise and some days the inverse.

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    • I used to own shares here, sold them a while back when the price went from 1.85 to 2.09.

      If you don't belive me just listen to the CC, everything I said is said there! How can the plant have a future when it can't make goods for cheaper then what's selling now? I think they would of had a good shot of making it had they of compleated this thing 6-8 months ago.

      In fact be sure to listen to the Q&A where they asked about canceled orders, they fumbel around a bit then say we in talks. Also they talk about base costs. You seem to think a poly-si plant is like the feild of dreams? Build it and they will come?? Sorry ain't happening.

      Do you even watch the solar sector news? Prices been getting hammered! Bottom lines looking horrid! Prices are not getting better, and I wouldn't doubt a lot of orders cancel!