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  • brandonhughes2000 brandonhughes2000 Nov 8, 2011 6:53 PM Flag

    Thursday After Market - Good or Bad?

    No way to tell until it happens but I know we all must be guessing...

    Wouldnt bad news be at the close of market on Friday?

    Why move the date from Nov. 7th? If I had bad news I would move to Friday after close. Maybe good news but just needed to confirm something and needed a couple of days?

    Maybe aliens....:)


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    • Where did this NOV 7th date come from?
      The only official date I ever got came to me directly from Hoku and did not purport to be a rescheduled date.
      (SEE BELOW)

      Also From what I remember they have been reporting earnings on Thursday after market close at least the last few times.
      Right now I see no benefit for Tianwei if the stock rises because they will get more shares as compensation if they are priced lower. Therefore THEY will end up with a higher percent of the company. I wont say the word---- ___.

      WE MAY SEE SOME SENTIMENTAL DRIVE UP ONCE PRODUCTION STARTS BUT AT THE CURRENT PRICE OF POLY -I feel they need to be at 400 tons volume to be profitable.
      So dont count on a run away Hoku Train for Christmas, I think we will be doing good if we get HO scale and thats 1/2 of the Lionel O gauge.
      Maybe it will carry some ground up coal dust away from the plant as it leaves.

      > Hoku Corporation Announces Earnings Conference Call for Second Quarter Fiscal Year 2012 <

      HONOLULU, HI -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 10/27/11 -- Hoku Corporation (NASDAQ: HOKU), a solar energy products and services company, announced today that it will hold a conference call with investors and analysts on Thursday, November 10, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time to discuss results for the Company's second quarter fiscal year 2012 ended September 30, 2011 and the Company's business outlook.

      The news release announcing the second quarter results will be disseminated over a national wire service on November 10, 2011 prior to the conference call. The press release will be posted at the Company's website: <

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      • according to this comment in todays report. It sounds like even 4000 ton will not be profitable enough to satisfy management at todays prices and over head.

        >Hoku needs to maintain a globally-competitive cost structure. We are in the process of conducting a feasibility study for a further expansion to 8,000 metric tons to achieve better economies of scale. The feasibility study is expected to be completed early next quarter. We have pre-invested in the expansion of our plant to 8,000 metric tons, and we believe that the additional investment necessary to expand our plant to 8,000 metric tons will be proportionally less per metric ton of capacity than what we have already invested in our 4,000 metric ton plant." <

      • Sorry for typo - 4000 tons to be profitble.

    • They have recently stated that they will be delivering their first product before the end of this calendar year. I want to hear them say again that this will actually happen. Better yet I want to hear that production has already started.

    • I've mentioned this in the past many times. There doesn't seem to be rhyme nor reason to the way HOKU schedules press releases, earnings announcements, or conference calls. They've released more good news on Friday afternoons than bad. At the same time, they've release bad news pre-market. HOKU management doesn't care about shareholders or the PPS at this point in the game. I wouldn't read too much into the timing of anything they do. They report when it's convenient for them. Remember, pre-market on the east coast is VERY early in Hawaii.