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  • mayerbci mayerbci Nov 29, 2011 6:33 PM Flag

    HOKU is in line with a losing call option

    HOKU is pretty much nearing death. If you call this life. It migth as well just fold. At this point it's not even worth selling but well all know it's almost zero. My 50K shares are still worth something but waiting for a bouce back is coting me $10s of thousands of dollars and time this money could used on stocks that could bounce back. HOKU tanks on bad days, does moderately bad on even days and can't even gain on a plus day. I guess it's an addiction. Would I advise someone to buy? Hell no. But I still hold because of emotional attachment. Surely not holding because it's got potential. At .95 and barely any volume there's not even a gambler willing to throw money at HOKU.

    HOKU roulette as this point. And a hit isn't 35-1 it's gonna be more like a rise to $1.60 at best. It's the last hour of your trip to Vegas and you've lost everything but a few bucks. At least Vegas would have been fun.

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