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  • mayerbci mayerbci May 23, 2012 6:23 PM Flag

    52,900 shares and 5 years of nothing

    Numb and disgusted especially with our country. $5 million gone. SEP plan $0. No pension. Lost my condo in NYC (almost paid off), paid hundreds of thousands in federal taxes alone, NYS and NYC rapped me too.

    And Obama calls me a fat cat has not 1 single program to help me rebuild and basically spits in buy face. While Pedro the illegal immigrant orange picker who makes $20K cash max a year and lied to the banks to get a house is Obamas big worry. Did I say illegal? Isn't that illegal now? Aren't they potential taxpaying aliens.

    So for all the money I put in the system for 48 years and have no earned less than Pedro Obama wants more taxes from me and couldn't care less if I live in a shack. He's be fine if I put a bullet in my head except head lose his mule to pay taxes to create a better life for Pedro while my is destroyed.

    Man I wish it was the 1700s cause I'd have a better place to go. Michelle Obama was proud only when her husband was elected. Well, I was always proud until Uncle Sam spit in my face robbed from me and offers me not even a thanks for all my money put in the system.

    Disgust is all I have. My tax paying days are over. Who needs to make $250k support the country and have no benefits yourself. Either you make $40k and don't pay or you just don't pay uncle sam. Let them put me in jail. It'll be the only way to get some of my tax dollars back. Let them pay for my room and board.

    I'm done.

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