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  • mayerbci mayerbci Jun 1, 2012 1:12 PM Flag

    HOKU Buy/Sell/Short

    First of all the whole market cap is $11.53M which is peanuts. If you shorted 100k shares (if you could find them) you max profit is $20k. All old shorts have covered.

    If you're shorting 1k shares at $200, you're quite the loser playing with that kind of money.

    Past shorts won. Still shorting looking for dead zero is not normal unless you're 5 yearsw old. If you waste time to even bother and short today you're a 3 year old.

    Only 3 possible plays left:
    1) just dump what you have and walk away
    2) let it ride and maybe someone will buck up and get them back on track
    3) Take a shot and buy it and it could possibly make you a few bucks. But you still can't take a risk today ezpecially after it went from .07 to .20s.

    Me? sticking to #2. Already, wrote it off as zero. Just hope Imperial actually reorgs with a power position. To the lenders do you want any return on your money...finish the plant and produce a product. Otherwise, you lose it all.

    and does HOKU management have the stones to make it happen? No clue. Me being a NYer would fight 24x7 till it's done. Not sure how hard they fight in our 50th state. Not our 57th. :-)

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