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  • beach7walker beach7walker Oct 10, 2005 3:46 PM Flag


    This may be the "last hurrah"..for many things..we will be held "hostage" to all the countries BUSH SPIT ON...when he thought Iraqi Oil was in his pocket...If not this country..other countries will be going after SOLAR PHOTO VOLTAIC technology..along with hydrogen..of course our auto industry will be playing "catch up"..along with ethanol...but our oil barrons will want to get as much blood out of they can..thats why Bush wants to build more keep the "status quo"..Three more years of this CRAP..and maybe not that long.

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    • I got out of most of my alternative energy stocks today. I lost a lot over the last 6 days, it took a long time for me to build up to all the shares I had. But my feelings are if Bush got his energy package and they build more refineries the US will be the last off of oil. It is probably a deal also made with the Suadi's give us more oil and I'll make sure we stay on oil. He is the worst president for this country we ever had, and after the next over 3 years I'll never vote for a Republican after this horrible experience with these oil men. The Dems will probably run two candidates with medial backgrounds so we all can $1.00 for an asprin. The people will loss all the time in this country. I also think it should be illegal for a lawyer to run for political office and write laws it is a conflict of interest. Lawyers are probably what started the political problems this country has ended up with. Go luck to all.

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      • Actually, we have the "oil people" to thank for the increased interest in AE. If, they had not spiked the price no one would have increased their AE holdings. They are "fossil fuel" barrons. Like the dinosaurs rearing their frightened heads for one last hurrah! In regards to voting or not voting the "Republican" party line...the "Democratic" party their a difference? We all live in dangerous times.

    • I like solar companies, just not this one.It has yet to make a profit in the past how many years.