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  • joe_goodfellowe joe_goodfellowe Jul 5, 2007 5:32 PM Flag

    Why Republicans Attack Immigrants

    All Americans want legal immigration and good border controls. However the Republicans distrust minorities and hate several of them, so they want to do all they can to hurt the immigrants who came to the US illegally. They don't care what impact their hatred has on economics, and the companies and customers who have been relying on them for years, and they surely don't care how many illegal immigrants and their children they hurt. Republicans like to divide the world into right and wrong, good and evil. They are incapable of looking at the world realistically and creating workable solutions to problems. Instead they take joy in their feelings of self-righteousness that allow them to hurt those they hate.

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    • The hatred is not aimed at "them", it's aimed at the "situation" and the shit ass politico's that enabled the "situation" to occur in the first place. Q's right, there is not a leader in either of the major parties running next time round. That includes Gore if he should decide to enter the fray. Many American's are unhappy with a lot of things in this Country. Sadly the poll choices are shitty and shittier. What to do? Friend, life as we know it is changing very quickly. The world and country our kid's will live in will be a far cry from what we inhabit today.

    • That hatred against immigrants. Those smear tactics and false statements against Democratic candidates for president while staying silent about the failed Republican policies. Your anger is getting in the way of a good solution for this problem. Do you think it would be possible to let your anger go and look for a workable solution to the illegal immigration problem?

    • Joe,

      You need to read and understand the impact of illegal immigration on this country and what it will do to your pocketbook and that of your children. I work with many immigrants, legal immigrants who contribute a great deal to our country and enjoy their lives here. How do you think they feel about granting amnesty to those who have come here and now want what others have had to work to get ?

      Not to mention ... how many of them are fleeing their counttries because they are criminals there ? Do you think they will turn over a new leaf and become pillars of the community here ?

      Wake up Joey G and give your head a good shake.
      By the way, I'm a Democrat

    • You must be some WACKOOO PARANOID (MY BET)BLACK GUY!!!

    • Joe,

      You need to start exercising your critical thinking skills, son.

      Boths Dems and Reps are selling the same bill. Why is that, because it's in our best interests or is it in the interests of their big dollar donors?

      What's more racialist, allowing economically sustainable immigration or maintaining a permanent underclass of low-paid workers?

      The easy solution is almost always the wrong one.

    • Joe: As Ron would say: "There you go again. . . " Joe, you've really outdone yourself this time. Those who had any doubt as to your lack of intellect need no longer dither, you've proved beyond any doubt what an idiot you are. You have taken your que right from President Bush. Everytime he opens his mouth its obvious just what a jackass he is. Everytime you put finger to keyboard its just like Bush opening his yap - total confirmation of what a jackass you are. Keep your finger up your ass Joe, it'll be a better World if you do. Friggin simpleton.

    • Sounds like your the one that hates. Does the term illegal ring a bell or turn a light on for you. Probably not for a socialist. Your probably in favor of giving social security benefits to ILLEGAL immigrants that do not have to meet the same criteria as LEGAL immigrants or American citizens for that matter. I for the life of me can't understand how you democrats think, unless of course your one of the typical democrats that receive/leech/steal from government programs. Obama and T. Kennedy voted against english being the primary language. Is there no work ethic amoung you democrats? Oh, buy the way, I'm not a republican. I don't need a "party to tell me how to think".

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