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  • currmit1 currmit1 Feb 7, 2009 7:44 PM Flag

    If you are new to this message board.

    Beware of the paid pumpers the same people have been pumping this stock all the way down from $17 a share. If you are interested in solar as a investment there are far better companies to risk your money on.

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    • you mean shorters like yourself bash the stock to drive the price down right?? You might consider covering here at the bottom and buying long.

    • HA! That is classic!

      What a scumbag short....trying to "help" the poor new investors to ESLR - and scare them into selling their shares.

      What a riot!

      Thanks so much for looking out for them - SHORTY!

      No thanks - not selling - but BUYING MORE this week!

      Thanks for pushing me over the edge into buying mode - since the more BASHING posts like this convince me its time to BUYYYYY!

      When the canaries in the coal mine sing - you know somethings going on!