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  • billlewisiv billlewisiv Apr 27, 2009 9:31 AM Flag

    Sure...they'll create stock, then buy it back.

    NO dilution...NO expansion.

    The 100 mil is to keep operations going and for buying back their own stock. They KNOW the share price will dive when they announce Thursday, and they'll be buying it up on the cheap.


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    • So let me get this straight. Sell $100MM worth of shares to some idiots now. Stock crashes on the dilution. ESLR buys back shares at the new lower diluted price. LOL!

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      • rfisdumb, I see them issuing debt and perhaps buying back 30Million shares.

        Just a thought.

        What do you think.


      • Perhaps my sarcasm was lost.

        There will be NO dilution regarding this 100 mil. That's not what the cash is for.

        There's no point in diluting here. For the amount of shares you'd need to create to raise, say, 200 mil? 100 mil share dilution would be ridiculous, and even OUR bonehead management knows that.

        They need cash to fund continuing operations. If you listened to the last cc, they are burning cash at a high rate due to razor-thin profit margins. Without great improvement in the margins, ESLR runs out of cash in the 3rd or 4th quarter this year.

        When they drop their bomb of another sizable loss on Thursday, they KNOW the share price will tank. And they're going to take advantage of that by buying back their shares.

        Not a bad strategy when you consider in the LAST dilution, they SOLD shares for $11. Now they can buy them back at an 80% discount.

        You gotta wonder who on earth would be buying this stock going into players and day traders, but no serious investors. Watch for crazy moves Wed-Thurs-Fri.