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  • annette4fun annette4fun May 21, 2009 8:50 AM Flag

    Buying Opportunity

    Good Morning everyone.
    A great timing. This stock has held up well the last two months, even with the bad concall and news releases. I'm taking this opportunity to buy back the 12500 shares I sold on April 30 @ $2.35, and then some. Buying 16,320 shares today at $1.80 if I get the chance. The psychology of this stock indicates it will recover after a few days, if it even stays down today.
    Have a great day.

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    • Hi Elle - I got in just around $10.70....but didnt put enough in it and want more!

      They should do much better in their earnings than the other solars.

      Great short and long term solar play.

      Anything in the teens is a buy. Should probably dip after earnings - unless they blowout - then?

      Good luck!

    • TSL looks like it had a fantastic run. Did you catch the up draft? I like to ride from the bottom up. I might pick it up sometime this summer.

    • Can't stand it can you,KCDFS? Can't stand having your ass handed to you by a "bimbo" (your words, remember?) Why else would the gender of anyone who posts on this or any other financial message board matter?

    • Annett, how does your increase or accumulation ratio to dilution ratio?

    • Annie - other than having faith in this SECTOR - what has ESLR done to give you faith in THEM?

      Not bashing - but curious....

      I sold all my ESLR at the bump last week - phew....and went long TSL.

      Good luck.


    • Annette,

      Keep me posted on your plans for this stock. You are doing much better than I am and appreciate your openness. I thought I was selling at the right time just moments after the bad quarterly report, but the price went up with other news from other manufacturers. Then had to buy back in at a higher price, then the dilution and I'm stuck until it goes above 2.23. Don't have much cash so you're strategy looks appealing. With my luck I'd take profit at 2.60 and the thing would go to 3.00. Perhaps patience and knowing that there will be other opportunities to get back in is the key. On the otherhand, I'd be happy just to sit back and watch this thing go to 6 then 12 then 20 then 50. Your thoughts?

    • Just doubled up for an average of $1.70. I will buy more if it goes lower. Let's see what happens. They have quality panels at a little over 14% efficiency. I still have faith in the co.

    • Judging by your avatar, reality = Mickey Rourke after 15 rounds. You go guy!

    • look what happened to JAVA

    • Thank you Hampstead for you sage advise and your compliment.

      I appreciate your perpective, but I think you have missed my strategy. I intend to accumulate as many shares as possible, without injecting new capital. I'll do this buy selling for a bit more than I bought for, and then, buying back at a slightly lower price. Over time, my position will increase, without any new injection of capital. When I reach a specific threshold, I will start getting out of my original investment, and remain with my essentially free shares. For now, the more shares I hold, the more I can play with, to accumulate sufficient numbers of shares to begin getting out of my paid for initial investment of $52,025. I have made no illusions about my stance - I am long, very long - Unless this company goes out of business, the more shares I hold, at the lowest possible investment per share, the better off I am. I know that is a bit different strategy than most on these boards, but so far, I seem to be accomplishing my goals. I am not sure your recommendation supports my objectives. I am sure your condescending attitude underscores any credibility resulting from skill that you may have. In this post, you come across as a basher, predicting doom and gloom. We all know the reverse split is coming. We all know it can have two results. Most of us see that in two ways: either 1) as a threat that must be mitigated, as you so suscinctly as illustrated, or 2) as an opportunity to capitalize on. For me, reverse split, is an opportunity, as I am so long, and I am depending on the cyclic rise and fall of this stocks offering price to acquire more.

      Thanks for your advice, and have a great day.


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