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  • mynewgreenjacket mynewgreenjacket Mar 5, 2010 6:33 AM Flag

    T Pickens "expects to see a federal natural gas bill passed by Memorial Day."

    from an article on GE today............

    Pickens -- who said he's been conferring with Sen. John Kerry (D.-Mass.) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R.-South Carolina) -- expects to see a federal natural gas bill passed by Memorial Day.

    That alone, he said, will justify the roughly $62 million he's spent promoting his alternative energy cause. "I have people ask me if I got my money's worth," Pickens said. "The legislation will be the proof."

    "We've had no energy plan for 40 years," he added emphatically. "So, get a plan!"


    my thoughts as they relate to ESLR...... any renewable energy source such as wind and solar needs to have combined cycle turbines fed from another source such as oil or gas to smooth out the demand on windless days and "sun-less nights".

    get a gas plan and the large solar/wind farms will become aprovable...... = jobs = recovery = money to pay for giant health insurance

    re: h' insurance.... get rid of diabetes and alzheimers and there will be less demand on our resources. Then, we could afford to pay off foriegn debt from our deficit spending.

    either that or just give them the keys to Hawaii and call it even.

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