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  • billlewisiv billlewisiv Jun 22, 2010 5:01 PM Flag

    The scary part

    As if losing almost 7% today wasn't scary enough for you...

    Including myself, anyone "investing" is AE the past two years, and specifically solar, is a flippin' fool.

    We've been duped. As it stands, and WILL stand until there is a vast change in our national conscience, solar is a NOT FOR PROFIT business.

    And until AE is fully supported by FREE MARKET FORCES, the only ones to profit from it will be the politicians and the scientists. (not to mention El Hillow and Feldt) And that day will come ONLY when conventional energy prices are significantly higher that they are today.

    So, three years ago we saw oil run to $140/bbl. Predictions of $600/bbl were rampant, and the solar land grab began.

    Three years later? Solar is a nice idea, and the worst investment this millenia. At present, solar stocks are nothing but trading vehicles. Extended rallies? Forget about it. ESLR holding on to any recent gain? Never. Ever. Not once in three years.

    Best of luck to all those unfortunate enough to think they were making an "investment" in this space the past few years. You were a fool. ESLR will likely survive, and it will be because of your charity.

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