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  • wavesearcher99 wavesearcher99 Nov 5, 2013 12:06 PM Flag

    what is driving this stock up every day for no reason

    would anyone really buy this here?or is it just mm burning ss everday

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    • TRIP still appears to be running up on short squeeze. Trying to find the end of the bubble in this environment is challenge. This may very well be a fine company, but it has moved too far too fast with a bloated valuation. No position at this point, but see a "sell" in the future.

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      • is that future now? mutual funds inflows largest they've been since the last top (2000), hedge fundies protecting their huge gains this year (gotta preserve the ridiculous 20% of profits garnered since beginning of the year...sell to the last in retailers), blowups occurring left and right of the mo-mo's (see ULTA the latest). Gonna be volatile, caveat is there might be one last burst to the top early next year but otherwise looks like the long term tide has turned.

        specific to trip selling for 15x sales and doesn't seem like enough buying power to propel past 90 (though that won't stop the idiot must buy mutual funds from trying). Would love for it to pull a TZOO or CTRP (before their huge bounce upward this year) of 2012 but will probably have to settle for less.

    • that's how to build a bubble.

    • You say no reason and that's a false premise. It's a growing company that's made few mistakes and some observers have said that it's kind of like a mini-Priceline. All the other market hi jinks and maneuvers only add fuel to the fire. Many mo mo plays have some fundamentals built into them and this is one of them. I'm leary of the ones that don't have the necessary fundies to justify their moves like Twitter and even Amazon which I've always felt was greatly overvalued but the market adores it and keeps driving it up. Incredible if you actually looks at their profits over the years - should be $20 - 40 not pushing $300.

    • An endless supply of free money from Bernanke straight into his TBTF banks' favorite stock market high-risk short squeeze stocks with heads-banks-win-tails-middle class-loses guaranteed success from the Fed.

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