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  • RCris5 RCris5 Oct 25, 2001 1:32 PM Flag


    You are nothing more than an Islama-Nazi shill. The Arabs attacked the Jews in 1948 with the intention of wiping them out. The Arabs have initiated every act of aggression and intend to eleminate Israel.

    The Arabs have used the Palestinians as pawns and distracters. The Palestinians themselves are governed by a wicked and corrupt group of thugs who kill any moderates. The Israelis only respond to terrorism, they do not create it. There are voting Palestinian Israeli citizens. Go find any voting citizens in any of Arab countries. All of the Arab countries, and most of the Muslim dominated nations are human cesspools. The United States is not in any way shape or form responsible for that condition.

    Elitist Islama-Nazis and sympathizers like your self, created these miserable conditions. With no conscience, you and people like you manipulate poor and ignorant fools to maintain your power and scocial prestige. There is no shortage of dollars to fund development within the Arab world, but national socialist governments squander the money. They keep themselves in luxury and spend billions on weapons that they do not need. Israel and the United States are their straw dogs. Neither one has anything to do with their internal violence, corruption or self-induced poverty.

    The US has a right to self-defense and will over the next few years, crush the animals who are conducting terrorist operations against us. With some luck, vicious lackey fascist like you will also be held to account for taking advantage of the poor. With more luck the Arab nations may take on a Turkish model, or perhaps, be returned to the old Ottoman-Turk Empire for administration. The we can live in peace.

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    • There is a significant amount of truth in what you are saying, but the Palestenians do have a legitimate complaint. I can't imagine the children that would result from growing up in a refugee camp and find it very sad.

      I've heard, but never seen, that textbooks in the Arab world are very misleading in their history classes. When you combine the numerous factors that exist (much of which are institutional problems caused by their society's failures) it is understandable that they would be angry.

      Hey the US had the KKK not too long ago and they used to murder innocent African-Americans so I am always hesitant to be as rough as you are being.

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      • The Palestinians do have legitimate complaints and suffer greatly. Their suffering is not due solely to the Israelis and certainly not in any way by the United States. Most Palestinians have in fact been killed either by Palestinian thugs or at the hands of various Arab host/masters. The Israelis are not my friends, but I do recognize who operates a democracy and who posses a sense of what the rule of law are.

        The KKK and various criminal groups, which include the communist and neo-nazis are present here in the US. They are now and have always been underground movements. The KKK or any fringe criminal group has never represented American interest. The Palestinian Authority and the terror groups affiliated with the PLO share a very similar philosophy with the KKK. The PLO and The Palestinian Authority have killed off any voice of reason and now represent the Palestinians. It is as though the US were taken over and represented by the KKK...a nightmare to be sure. And that is what the Palestinians face, a very genuine nightmare, they do have my sympathy.

        Just as a footnote, some of the most radical and dangerous Palestinians who developed the PLO organization were from "Christian" backgrounds. Most are national socialist types with no personal religious orientation at all. Islam is just a cultural cover. Arafat for example, is no more a Muslim than, than the Pope. He is a radical secularist (possibly an atheist) and homosexual, both make him an anathema to Islam. Especially the issue of secularism, homosexuality is simply a sin; if he is an atheist, that is an abomination beyond a sin.

        Now how'bout that EPNY? @ $4.50 in cash. Looks like we have a floor to stand on.