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  • hpeter43 hpeter43 Jun 9, 2002 10:15 AM Flag

    Siboni must be held accountable

    He should not go on and collect an unconscionable salary of $650K off a company that squeaked by with just $22 million in revenue last quarter. He needs to either be given his walking papaers or have his salary rerduced to no more than $100K per year!

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    • I think we need to see more stock buybacks before I would feel comfortable saying it is a bottom.

      That said, it is always impossible to know for sure.

    • Call Center are predominately thought of as cost centers not revenue producing although this view is changing and EPNY is poised to capitalize on this.

    • >> it is better to have products focused on reducing costs than trying to grow revenue

      You mean now, during a recession? Sure. Nobody's buying so the company has no choice but to cut costs.

      But always? No way. During any non-recessionary period -- e.g. under most normal situations -- growing revenue is FAR more important.

      BTW the analogy of this issue to Kana vs. EPNY is irrelevant. The primary objective of call center software is to grow revenue. Any lower costs they might provide are just gravy. Just like analytics, the primary goal is to sell more -- saving money along the way is a secondary benefit.

    • My point is that in this market KANA's products deliver more value than EPNY's.


      Because Kana's are developed specifically for the call center which are immediately reflected in lower costs while EPNY's are focused on growing revenue.

      IMHO - it is better to have products focused on reducing costs than trying to grow revenue.

    • I have nothing against Kana. Actually I have a long-term position in kana averaging around 8. I wish them well. Just worried about their cash position and the small niche market. EPNY has a better suite and enough cash to survive the downturn. EPNY's last quarter was highly irregular as they lost 5-6 millions in license revenues because of just one deal. Still the dercreasing revenue does worry me.

    • If you back the cash out from both companies where would their market caps sit in relation to each other?

      Doesn't the spread between the 11 million in license revenue for EPNY last qtr vs. 15 million in license revenue for KANA bother you?

    • You are right. They had two good quarters. But prior to that, they had a sharp fall in revenue. I would still watch a couple of quarters more before seeing a pattern.

    • Wrong! Q4 was better than Q3 and Q1 (the last Q) was better than Q4. We have TWO quarters of greater sequential increases.

    • Kana just had one decent quarter. Before that they were seeing sharp fall in revenue as well. I would prefer to watch kana over the next couple of quarters before coming to any conclusions. Epny is in a much better shape than kana with respect to

      -cash position and viability
      -current product offering and long-term strategy
      -customer base and customer satisfaction

      that's why the market caps are 262m and 102m respectively.

    • Dude,
      Just dont look at the revenues, spending 45 mill(20 mill cash burn) and sales of 25 mill with 50 mill in hand is the lamest thing you can do.
      I would have actually preferred 15 mill revenues and 1 mill cash burn and 50 mill cash.

      EPNY is in a far better position than any other small cap CRM stock.

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