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  • imd85 imd85 Mar 3, 2005 8:35 PM Flag

    The BLUE deal

    I came up with 3.89.

    Blue paid 17.1 for 28.3 in rev after you back out cash on hand of 32.9. Which means they paid .604% times sales.

    So applying that to revenues of 79.3 for EPNY gives 47.9 (say 48) Add to cash on hand of 251 and divide by 77 mil shares gives 3.88.

    So even though the return wouldnt be great it seems like a no brainer to buy at 3.4 or lower.

    My thinking is they can squeeze a lot more fat out of 79 million in sales. And we can debate if EPNY has more brand then BLUE. I think they do. The point we are making is this is cheap and may yet get cheaper. We have already had a preview of next quarter and know it doesnt look pretty.

    The bottomline is the clock is ticking for shareholders. Karen needs to step up and make a decision. Sell before we have nothing or demonstrate a plan to maximize value and profitability quickly before equity erodes to nothing. This, in my opinion, is not the time to be a stand alone entity. Combine or sell to an equity firm. Its to costly and to competitive to be this size player.

    Karen, do what is right for shareholders and what is in the best interest of your employees. Watching the business erode just means a spiral of lost and laid off employees. Find a situation that works for them as well.

    Its simple EPNY managment. Its time to do the right thing.

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    • Do what is right? Do you really expect Karen to walk away from her $525,000 per year because its the right thing to do?

      You are a dreamer!

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      • interest in making something happen.


        Schroder Investment Management Group 5,378,940 7.02 $18,503,553

        Fund Asset Management Inc 4,880,398 6.37 $16,788,569

        Wells Fargo & Company 3,752,490 4.9 $12,908,565

        Dimensional Fund Advisors Inc 3,648,462 4.76 $12,550,709

        Barclays Bank Plc 2,717,508 3.55 $9,348,227

        Galleon Management L.P. 2,343,272 3.06 $8,060,855

        Capital Research and Management Company 1,900,000 2.48 $6,536,000

        FMR Corporation (Fidelity Management & Research Corp) 1,878,000 2.45 $6,460,320

        Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, L.P. 1,579,410 2.06 $5,433,170

        Columbia Wanger Asset Management, L.P. 8,998,200 11.74 $30,953,808


        Columbia Acorn Fd 6,700,000 8.75 $23,048,000

        Master Value Opportunities Trust 4,755,768 6.21 $16,359,841

        Wells Fargo Small Cap Opportunities Fund 1,366,300 1.78 $4,700,072

        Fidelity Select Portfolios - Software & Computer Service 1,213,600 1.58 $4,174,784

        DFA U.S. Small Cap Value Series 1,153,791 1.51 $3,969,041

        FMI Focus Fd 1,137,000 1.48 $3,911,280

        Merrill Lynch Var Ser-Value Opportunities V.I. Fd 883,550 1.15 $3,039,412

        Wells Fargo Small Company Growth Fund 669,376 0.87 $2,302,653

        Pimco Advisors Vit-Opcap Small Cap Port 657,000 0.86 $2,260,080

        Columbia Acorn Usa Fd 653,200 0.85 $2,247,008