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  • earth_to earth_to May 18, 2000 9:40 PM Flag


    I think you are spot on. "Don't trust this
    market" sums it up nicely. The last 2 years have been one
    big bubble, blown up by a bunch of naive,
    over-zealous twenty-and thirty somethings who thought they
    were the ones who "got it" and were going to rule the
    world via the internet. Maybe a little too much ectasy
    has fried their brains. This whole internet thing has
    been so totally overblown it's unbelievable! Just
    wait, the carnage among dot coms and their support
    network is just beginning. Sure you're gonna have you're
    Pricelines, Broadvisions, and Ebays, but for every one of
    them there's a thousand on the verge of collapse. Just
    sit back and watch the slaughter. I can't wait for
    the day when half those Silicon Valley hipsters have
    to go crawling to some "old economy" company for a
    real job because the world they imagined didn't come
    to pass. Hell I'm still waiting for the metric
    system and oh yeah, weren't we all supposed to be flying
    around in cars by now? What a fucking joke. Wake up
    assholes, things don't change THAT fast!! Just ask any
    virtual banker who's business model is crumbling: clicks
    & mortar baby, clicks & mortar!

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    • ends tomorrow.

      Actually, right now there
      is some action in ATON. It was sitting at $81 this
      morning, I went to the bathroom, then came back 60 seconds
      later and it was up $4+. Obviously some people are
      buying in anticipation of some positive

      Anyone know why EPNY is taking such a hit this morning
      given the analyst recommendations that just came out?

      • 1 Reply to runlong_1999
      • "Merrill Lynch & Co. said it raised its
        intermediate term rating on BindView Development Corp.
        (NasdaqNM:BVEW - news) to a buy from accumulate and started
        coverage of coverage on E.piphany Inc. (NasdaqNM:EPNY -
        news) with an accumulate rating." From

        I hear that they were an underwriter for this IPO.
        Usually underwriters come out with "Strong Buy" or "Buy".
        Instead they say "accumulate". Does this mean they think
        it is ahead of itself in terms of valuation? (At
        least that is what is says to me...)

        By the way
        I think they will have a great qtr as

        My 2 cents.