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  • mychele2011 mychele2011 Sep 5, 2012 11:29 AM Flag

    Time to say goodbye to this Spec?

    Non event road show? Really? How about an event road show?.... While many others are having events announcing new products.
    New kindle with NEW touch screen smells bad for Neonode IMO!
    Too many large companies making deals to care about a little small cap company that can't seem to capitalize fully on their own patents. Classic David and Goliath tale when several other companies could spend Neonodes entire market cap on lawyer fee's.
    I have watched as several others obviously pumped and dumped ables brother and many others.
    I thought I was involved in a true Cinderella story only to look in the mirror and see I was with the ugly step sister.
    Greener pastures await. Bought this Spec in the 5's and 6's then on the way down on a friends recommendation and some DD I conducted myself. Feel I missed the writing on the wall but good luck and hope each of you do well but I need a winner not a wiener! Selah Shorts won and seems as if management fouled up. Sure I may miss some action and get blasted but the facts are lesser to the positive than I have seen since this bumpy road I started down. Margaritaville here I come! Dumping painfully

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    • jalexander55 Sep 5, 2012 6:59 PM Flag

      I hate to say it, but I moved mostly out last week when it was in the very low 4's....still have a few thousand shares but have lost faith, will still check in from time to time and wish you longs/guys and als all the best...seems like a good group on the Neon board, hope it hits soon for y'all.

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      • Thanks Jalexander. That is classy. Unusual for some message boards. Don't misread this I really like a lot of folks on this board and agree. I have seen a few leave and some return without bashing but it is rare. I hope we hit soon and wish you well. I seen Synaptics won Nokia with capacitive touch for glove usage. I feel we are real close to making some real waves. Looking at the numbers the management team is not doing as bad as some may believe. Growing revenue does require additional expenses and growing at over 500% is crazy strong.i have to admit I get frustrated with the low volume decline but when the fleshing out is complete we should be in good shape just hate the route we have been of recent.good luck JAlex and maybe those few thousand shares will make you a few thousand dollars sooner or later. I still have confidence as Doc mentions above some if not several of the design wins will carry us upward. The footprint of active solutions in the market is going to be much different in the months to come.
        One other thing for other longs.. Are we in Neonode for the e-reader market only? No sure it has been the Lion share of revenues over the past 12 months. I believe Neonodes management is being honest and real which seems to be causing them grief. They told the story of the numbers with facts. Like them or not you have yo respect their transparency as relates to items they are allowed to discuss. Good luck all

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    • this is getting old,,
      I'm staying in,, will see how this plays out.... good luck

    • Too bad you don't have patience for this one...Good luck to you anyway, hope you are not going to put it on a loser stock...

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      • move on if you cant sleep.Best thing to do.

      • Doc/Blondy you both know I have been around awhile and have and still am Neon long but geez loise this is sucks right now. Really hope we hit some of the new products being announced this month . I hope I am not missing anything. I feel confident but you can't help but scratch your head with this.... really hope we are right. Probably going to stop looking. Did great on SWHC, LSI, and OK on LPH, and SYNC. Took most of those gains and have been buying down on Neon over the past couple of months should have let them ride and bought now. Hindsight always better huh? Oh well if you are long I wish you well bc I am as they say pot committed

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    • I am sure you are not alone. If you find those green pasters holler back at us on this message board:) Good luck

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