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  • dannyrcdd dannyrcdd Sep 9, 2012 3:45 PM Flag

    Sterne Agee and New product launches

    Looking at possible catalyst. Typically initiating coverage in a new Stock requires 30 to 90 days from my research for a new analyst. Variables involved from the analyst differ per industry and overall market conditions along with many other accounting and market value exercises. Looking into Neonode they met with Sterne Agee earlier in September. Now they are involved with Neonode for new investors such as MM etc. the fact that Neonode had to sell (not literally but sell their company platform and business) the technology to Sterne one of the oldest and largest private investment houses out there is impressive. Not only did the apparently succeed in gaining Sterne Agees interest but now Sterne is Hosting these investor conferences. Is this an over night $10.00 spike, I doubt it but it is undoubtably another positive sign.
    New product launches before Christmas, design wins now have time to become revenue over the coming months. We lost some investors along the way due to traders wanting a buy-out or lawsuit and trashing the company. The technology is good it has proven to be good and is still gaining popularity. I was a daily poster sometime back but the mud slinging and bull was just annoying but I have held my long position through this entire debacle. I do not necessarily think all of the games are over with the S.P. but today I am as positive about the companies future as I have ever been. I read message board comments and do research but I really see no valid reason the stock has sold down this low. The revenue growth is very strong and there penetration is gaining ground consistently.
    My point is we are hearing and seeing the products come online and institutional investors are increasing their positions over the last couple of months taking advantage of the S.P. at a value. So why if you are really a long investor are you not continent? Our emotion cause us to blast comments sometimes but before I sell I try to make sure the facts are sell not the message board junkies. Just my 2 bits. I spend a lot of time on stocks I hold and nothing tells me to let go of one single share of Neon. Mark this post! The next 12 to 18 months will be a vertical move upward. Setting new highs. Any money I can free up will be invested in Neon under the $4.25 range

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    • Danny, I agree with your post. I believe that a lot of people bought in based upon pure legal speculation regarding swipe to unlock and are moving on to somewhere else to lose money.

      Everyone seems concerned about losing Amazon's business. Amazon sells e-readers and tablets at cost. They make their money by selling content (books, etc.). They have been planning to migrate their business (away from ir touch) for 2-3 years. They bought touchco in 2/2010 with the full intent of migrating to their current product line. Their new e-reader touch screens are proprietary and not available to other companies. It is unclear if these new screens are stable in cold weather. In any event, the e-reader business is shrinking in the US (where Amazon dominates) but is growing internationally (where Amazon is not as dominant). From my standpoint, the e-reader business is chump change. Although it is expected to grow from 23 million units in 2011 to 60 million units in 2015 (according to digitimes), these numbers pale in comparison to cell phone sales.

      Cell phones are evolving in several ways. There were 1 billion low cost and feature phones sold last year. Neonode offers a solution for these phones that enables them to migrate to a touch screen for about the same cost. Someone on this board (who created a new name just for us) commented that Neonode only had design wins with 2nd and 3rd tier companies. I would welcome hearing from this new poster who these 40 plus design wins in the 1st and 2nd quarters are with if he knows so much as this is insider information. We do know, however, that Neonode specifically mentioned Motorola and Nokia with regard to cell phones at the cc. Last time I checked, these were tier 1 companies.

      The cell phone market is more than 50 times the size of the e-reader market. Even a miniscule % of this market is significant for Neon. In the high end phones, there is a demand for these phones to serve as e-readers. The battery is not adequate, however, for this purpose. Apple is working on it's own proprietary solution for this purpose. I have read (and previously posted) that there is interest in developing a hybrid high end phone that switches away from the high battery consuming capacitance displays to an e-reader (as reported from the recent consumer electronics show in
      Germany). Neonode is working on a solution that involves using a ir overlay on some high end phones. This would allow owners to switch to ir touch in order to read books and preserve battery power. There were 600 million of these phones sold in the last year.

      These are the markets that NEON is working on. I predict an announcement in q4, 2012 or q1, 2013 involving one of these tier 1 companies involving this space. SP will respond accordingly, imho.

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