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  • mfcav01 mfcav01 Sep 10, 2012 9:02 PM Flag

    Stay focused!!!

    Allroad et al...You guys are driving me nuts, and believe me, it's a short drive! Forget about e-readers...this is a chump change, dead end market. This market is expected to grow to maybe 50 million units by 2015 ( I forget the actual number...I posted it earlier). Much of this will be in international markets as the US market is shrinking (better for Neonode). Neon will see smaller dollars this year but should grow slowly in years to come as the international market grows.

    Next, forget the legal stuff. Who knows if NEON will ever benefit from this. Maybe they will, maybe they wont....not enough info to put my dollars on.

    You refer to a poster that said that "deception is critical to trading". I pointed out that one of the people shorting NEON has said on the VHC board...How about ""watch and learn"? Trading is mostly about deceiving". I believe that this is the poster that you are referencing. Yes, I have learned to be careful about anything that he posts...not that I have a problem with shorts, it's just that he is a lying, deceiving, selfish, MFing douche who lies for personal profit. If you believe that success is all about deception, then you could be his first follower and would perhaps make a few bucks. Go for it.

    Now for what we should be focused on...cell phones...1.6 billion units (and growing) sold in the past 12 months...more than 50 times the e-reader market. This is where NEON is moving to. A small slice of this market will be good for all longs.

    Lastly, let's talk about Auburn. I'm a Pittsburgh boy that now calls Philly home. One of our favorite Sixers from the past...Sir Charles Barkley, hailed from Auburn University. He is one of those guys that you either really either love him or really hate him. Personally, I really like him a a genuine guy that says his mind. Anyway, as the story goes, he was in high school and visiting Auburn as a potential college recruit. At that time, a lot of recruits were brought to local strip clubs while visiting the school. Sir Charles has been quoted as saying someting to the nature of: "I knew when I saw Tiffiny's (boobies) that Auburn had met all of my academic requirements"...anyway, something like that and sorry for going off topic.

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