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  • dannyrcdd dannyrcdd Sep 14, 2012 6:17 PM Flag

    No news, no volume, no problem!

    Light day on the ole message board. A little news would spice it up huh? Gotta think with the light volume more longs are sitting tight waiting for the stock to percolate some. Most are hopefully investors looking for larger returns so my guess some news will bring in the swingers and momentum for some fun days. I did notice we have the spammers attention that's always a welcome sign..... JK of coarse.. Have a great weekend and touch something

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    • jalexander55 Sep 18, 2012 11:34 PM Flag

      Kenny Chesney would be proud.....think LSU can whoop up on Aubies? Bama looks great....I still have a few thousand shares here....if it gets to 4.4 I will add.....

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      • LSU will destroy Aubie. They are bad off this year. The tide is looking strong ready to get a real test down in Baton Rouge... Two best teams in the Nation in my slanted SEC opinion. Really think unless someone really steps up they are the teams to beat all year. Roll Tide. I like when Auburn has a good season so we can crush them in the iron bowl but I am ok with them stinking this year:) on the LSU front they are Strong as usual. The ducks will shoot themselves in the foot at some point as usual, FSU not ready for the big stage again yet and Georgia well they may be the sleeper to shake things up but they tend to do like Oregan talent yes, strong yes but always one dimensional on both sides of the ball. Neon long I am but now I have college football to help wait on this sleeper to come to like and then I will be in the woods hunting. So from now till the end of December I am a hold unless I can buy dips under 3.75. I have managed to average down quite nicely on some of this seesaw action so I feel solid. Anytime I say something like that I am amazed at the reverse direction this thing makes but I'm in deep and will say by to every penny before I will take a loss and sell any shares under 5.00. I have launched a hail Mary so I am just waiting to here if it is a TD or an int. Not looking for a first down I want it all and have made my mind up between now and 2017 this is one of 3 specs that will determine the college my kids go to. 3 other blue chips and 1 mutual fund assure them of college but 3 small caps determine their caliber of school. LSI and SWHC are the other 2 riskier stocks but both are up pretty nice so far. KKD is the biggest mistake I sold too soon to buy more Neon. Should have rode that waves little longer. GLTA

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    • kenji_ffl Sep 15, 2012 12:20 AM Flag

      Board has been very quiet,,,,,,News would be welcome....
      I like how the SP bounced off 3.19 on September 7th ,just a week ago,, to its current price of 4.00.
      I suspect the short interest is still high... 3 mil at last check.... Some much needed news, and a nice earnings report for the 4th quarter may cause the shorts to cover......I'm not looking for anything real exciting for the 3rd Quarter,,,,,,,,
      The patent infringement talk,,,,swipe to unlock,hasn't been discussed much..,,,IMO,,, we could still hear something,,,, I don't believe Neonode is just forgetting about possible licensing,,or going after those companies infringing on their patent.... We shall see.

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