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  • catassefan catassefan Oct 25, 2012 9:46 AM Flag

    Seeking Alpha article is based on flawed Analysis! Here are some facts!

    The Amazon news is old news - the kindle touch was replaced by the kindle Paperwhite when it was announced in early September. 2. The technology that Amazon uses for the Paperwhite is proprietary to Amazon and was underdevelopment for years internally at Amazon's R&D and stems from their acquisition of Touchco in 2010. 3. Thus, this technology will not be adopted by Amazon's competitors (unless Amazon changes it's business model ). 4. Unless Sony, Kobo, B&N etc made their own technology acquisitions a few years ago and have been developing their own proprietary alternative technology it is highly unlikely they will stop using Neonode's tech anytime soon. 5. In actuality B&N internally developed their latest e-reader the Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight in conjunction with Neonode's technology and it is also based on LED technology.... 6. The NY Times reviewed the Nook with Glowlight and stated "There is no better e-ink model than this new glowing NOOK!" 7. With regard to Neonode's patents and IP their slide-to-unlock patent only issued in December 2011 thus you cannot enforce a patent until it is actually issued by the USPTO. 8. More directly the conference call that you referenced the CEO of Neonode stated they formed a stand-alone business unit to monetize their patents and intellectual property. In addition, to Neonode's general counsel (who has extensive patent expertise) Neonode has retained a top IP Law Firm as special counsel to assist in the monetization of Neonode's Technology. In my opinion this is appears to be exactly the type of strategic move a well managed small company would take to protect their $12 million in cash and operating business units before firing a shot across the bow of a major companies like Apple and others who may be violating their IP.

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    • Has the company ever mentioned losing Amazon as a customer? I'm new to the stock and don't remember them saying so although they alluded to weakness in the e-reader market which is not exactly mentioning losing Amazon.

      Thanks in advance.

      I think losing Amazon if true should be concerning although this guy not factoring in over 50 design wins is somewhat foolish. Although design wins do not mean automatic customers or revenue companies need to invest valuable time and effort and would not waste their time unless they felt the technology had some benefits. Personally I can care less about Telsa as no one buys Telsa cars right now except people in Hollywood.

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      • 1 Reply to dallasva
      • Here are some more facts: I tried reach out to the author of the article directly but he never responded, I then tried posting in response to the article immediately but the moderator who reviews the post must have found something objectionable in my first 5 comment attempts because they never posted. I was eventually able to post a small comment "flawed analysis" which they finally let post to the comment section. The author responded "Flawed? Could be. Neonode's IR person just sent me an IM asking me to call him. So maybe he can enlighten me. I'd like hear NEON's side of it."

        I've never posted on a message board before but I was so shocked by the this article and its reckless disregard for accuracy that I felt compelled to say something. This "article" is disguised as a "well researched honest opinion" but at best it misguided and is based on nothing more than assumption and unsupported opinion.

        I (like others apparently) mistakenly thought that Seeking Alpha had a certain level of credibility and that the authors of the articles had been vetted and that it was based on a system of research and fact checking that they had to abide by - in my opinion this does not appear to be the case! The reality is that my attempted comments to the article received a more thorough analysis by the "moderator" than the article itself ever received before being published. I could have gone on and on and dissected his entire article word for word if I had the time and access to a computer at that moment (as I am working off of a smartphone and based simply on my recall of the facts).

        Yes, before investing in Neonode I previously reviewed the facts what a concept! Given that I have hard earned money at stake I am not surprised that I appear to know more facts off the top of my head than the author of this "article" but what I can't figure out is what his motivation was for writing this article. He stated in the disclosure "no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours." I hope he has the integrity to explain his motivation and post a follow-up article after he speaks to Neonode's PR person for the 1st time. As well as what his plans are after 72hrs?

        For the record my only motivation in commenting on the article is to correct what in my opinion is a lot of misinformation disguised as a "well researched honest opinion". I am not worried about the long-term future of Neonode as I believe the facts are on my side and that in the end I along with other Neonode shareholders will reap the reward for doing the hard work of gathering actual facts and making an informed investment decision.

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    • Thanks for articulating the accurate information just to add to that the reason amazon did switch is because they got a deal with e ink for below cost ,which we all know wont last. I m happy about this cause its just a buying oppourtunity

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