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  • gutfeel888 gutfeel888 Oct 25, 2012 10:20 PM Flag

    Some lessons learned from this one


    1) i got a fairly good returns over the past two year from this one, i have no regret to know and trade this company!
    2) but from the yesterday's seeking alpha case, anything you did not know could detroy your fairly solid technical views, which could be really hurt!
    3) two things i read so far could create big surprises to small traders or investors from this firm:
    a) Unknown customer names....i read that neon were not allowed to disclosed some of their big customer names, so we never got chances to know who the heck got in or out and when just like amazon! but some big guys seemed to know this otherwise why did they shorted all the way????????
    b) Its foreign and weak be more creative thinker, a small foreign company such as NEON wanna to break into the highlhy competitive touch screen market here in the US? not calling it dreaming on, but really really tough!!!!!!! the local big players seem to have many ways to corner the foreign player ---this small swedish firm! fortunetly it has its own patent, otherwise, it easily becomes the thousandish Samsung (losing the pantent case to the APPLE recently)! No problems, then they can use shorting forces to fight against us until it become really really cheap in share values....the recent article from seeking alpha to me is a typical attack from shorting forces.....given the more 15% floats are shorting...
    When the author listed the comepetors' R&D dollar amount, i suddenly wake is not just about the price, it is really about whether our firm's products can compete in this market easily....
    4) we small investors are natually disvantagous because we only looked at those freaking charts, option strategies, and waiting for piece of "good" news........Pity:)

    Be cautious and nimble as always!

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