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  • trader.quick trader.quick Nov 2, 2012 8:48 PM Flag

    Romney wants to put middle class on top of his his dog

    ride on top without health care

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    • Trader, Our great country was created by people on both sides of the equation. There were no wars or noteworthy conflicts while I was growing up to propel me to service. My older brother, however, is retired Navy, and my father was a WW II Navy pilot with 13 or 14 DFC's (distinguished flying crosses for those who don't know) and other medals. So I consider myself to be strongly patriotic. Neither of our presidential candidates found themselves in a position of military service, so to mention one without comment on the other is somewhat biased...don't you think?

      I believe that America thrives on a 2 party system, and that both parties are partially right and partially wrong. Saying things like "anti-christ" suggests that you know what Christ thinks or believes....Well aren't you "special"? Sometimes I watch the long Island psychic on tv but even she doesn't profess to know what Christ thinks.

      I live in Pennsylvania and have personally witnessed the wrath of our present storm. I like Gov Christie from NJ because he says what he thinks and always has the NJ citizen's best interest at heart. He praised our president not for political gain, but to help the citizins of NJ. This is politics at it's best. Placing politics or personal gain out there when so many are suffering is pathetic.

      What's with the dog thing? I love dogs but where they sit in my car doesn't sway my vote. Increasing the number of US jobs will, however. Could you comment on that? Thanks

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      • Gee it's almost like you researched my family history with you comments..Ask any vet, medals don't mean #$%$..did they see combat..the casualty rate of many units were very high even though they did not fly many missions or fight many battles..Patriotism at home is standing up against the hate filled republicans. The American Taliban that want to return to the Old South. Romney will lie to get whatever so to me he is anti-christ. The mormon religion believes man can be God like. Do you believe that? Do you really understand the profile of this guy? Scary.

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