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  • gutfeel888 gutfeel888 Feb 4, 2013 3:30 PM Flag

    The message board sometimes does not work! i start this new topic

    Mfc, thanks for your reply on my previous message and i failed to put on my message on due to the mal-fuction of this board. I am puzzled how come Yahoo can not solve this simple issue with many months passing by!!!!!!

    Regard the fields you mentioned, i all agree. I especially like the auto field with highest margin, but the volume is a big issue for the short run. It may take a couple of year for auto field finally realize and use its technology.... for the cell phone filed, the margin has to be thin due to its cutting-throat feature.
    For other stuff such as remote control, calculators...they themselves are commodities, the margin shall be virgin light......with that, i have been trying very hard to figure out by myself why shorts have not given up?????-----My bet come to this: Can neon find a sustainable field to grow? (e-reader faded, cell phone field fade before it goes in it...) the only hope looks to me is auto....but it may take some time.

    What's your take?

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    • Personally, I like the cell phone field the best...Why?...because there are 2 billion units sold per year (and growing) and over 1 billion are feature phones. Neon has stated that they receive $2 per unit for high volume applications. Using Neonode's technology, a feature phone can be converted to a touch phone for less than the cost of the buttons on the feature phone. In addition, capacitance touch uses too much battery power to use it as an e-reader. There is presently a slow migration to larger screen cell phones and smaller e-reader screens. There is talk of adding IR touch to some capacitance smart phones so that you can turn off the cap. touch and use the IR touch for an e-reader and perhaps other applications.

      Also, remember that the world market for cell phones is not like the US market where the cell phone cost is buried in a 2 year agreement. Lower income countries will prefer the most features for the price. Very hot or cold climates will find that IR touch may perform better than capacitance.

      IF Neon gained a 1% market share (20 million units), revenues would be ~$40 million for this application alone. This goes straight to bottom line gross profit.

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