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  • dannyrcdd dannyrcdd Feb 27, 2013 9:19 PM Flag

    Volume and big moves coming! $Neon #Duck Dynasty Both about to get going again!

    I know we have to consider technicals, consolidation periods, and earnings and confirmation of some sales data and profitability blah blah etc... But with all do respect i don not see anyway this thing does not move greatly between now and say March 20th? So my offer is to host a comment line for S.P. of neon at COB March 20th. 2013.... My prediction At least one 5,000,000 shares volume in 1 day S.P. $7.23.
    I am a terrible guesser but hey Jack its something to do! Roll tide SI!

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    • There is obviously a lot of skepticism about this company an its technology for the share price to stagnate after the BYD and Shenzhen press releases. I was floored we didn't get at least a 10-15% pop on each of them. It look like we'll have to wait for the earnings and conference call. Management needs to announce some solid earnings or contracts from major players soon or the sp will tank. I looked at buying Unipixel before Neonode. So far I'm kicking myself over the mistake.

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      • Unless you sell today it may not be a mistake! I do understand what you are saying though. Shorts increaseing is not based purely off of fundamentals as some suggest. they are similar to longs except they have to have tighter time frams but they still have to be right. Longs are more forgiving and thus creates oppertunities for the squeezes we enjoy sometimes but as I always say about the shorts they are looking at data and trends as well and have different opinions as to the short term SP reaction to the upcoming events. Im trimming some here anyway. Way too heavy to risk a stumped toe. I have made some pretty good block trades over the past year and I do not see those oppertunities disolving this year

      • cejr48 Feb 28, 2013 11:42 AM Flag

        All the lots changing hands between 10:09 to the present are 100 share lots. The volume is 10,600???

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