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  • gold_drop_killer gold_drop_killer Feb 8, 2008 3:17 PM Flag

    What really baffles me about SA


    I mean, this is one "explorer" with so many warts and blemishes and glaring deficiencies.

    I don't understand why SA investors do not choose other more respectable explorers, those that perform real feasibility studies and those that do NOT have a NO-MINNG policy such as SA does.....I mean, if you must own these pathetic gold explorers, then why choose such an obvious dog as SA, the worst of the worst in terms of its modus operandi????

    Truly baffles me.

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    • It sucks to be convinced of an investing position and not have the market eventually recognize one's brilliance, and move in the predicted direction. All of us have experiened times when the market was wrong. From your bull-headedness, apparently this is your time. Here you alone have spotted the hidden flaw, the deep dark secret, in the company charter, that will doom this company, and the market cannot seem to come to the same realization.

      Oh and what is your realization? SA has a lot of gold, THAT THEY DON'T INTEND TO MINE THEMSELVES!!!!!! It does suck to have a lot of gold, and not an optimal mine plan to get the most value from it. Punish them market, punish them. It is like they own the Batmobile, and won't drive it. Punish them market, punish them. It's like they hold a winning lottery ticket, but wait a week to claim it. Punish them market, punish them.

      You might have to accept that the market has ALREADY punished SA. Consider the following list of juniors, and the market valuation of their gold in ground:

      SA shows up near the bottom, with the stock price at $29.40, which was the price at the publication of the article. SA is valued at well below the average price per oz gold in ground. With a market cap currently at $891 million and continued expansion of gold resource estimates, SA's position on that list is now very near the bottom.

      Have you considered that the market got there long before you, and fully prices in the SA business model? You seem convinced that you alone see the truth about SA ... Perhaps YOU are the one who should look at relative valuation of other "respectable explorers", and re-determine what the valuation penalty should be for the "warts and blemishes and glaring deficiencies." Because the market already has a significant penalty baked in.

      Baffle on, dude, baffle on truly.

    • What really baffles me is:....Why do these Bashers spend all this time bashing SA and other stocks...That they claim to not have a financial interest in?...Get Real!..When that resource estimate comes out...You will be destroyed!...hahaha!....Dont forget insiders recently bought MORE SA at $26...hahahahaha!

    • Ask yourself the following questions:

      What has SA done in the past 2 years?
      Objectively, it has out performed anything you can name.
      What has happened to its exploration portfolio?
      It has clearly made numerous discoveries which have given the company a huge potential asset base.
      What about verification and independence?
      The company has clearly stated that the verification process is forthcoming.
      While gold-drop is still stuck on GAAP and has yet to figure it out as to the difference between news and certified financial reporting, the verification process will establish an asset to share price for SA. If it turns out that there are verified 20-30+ moz's, then simply do the math.
      This stock has done nothing but out perform every mkt average and its own industry.
      Now if you bought late as in after a share price of 16, as the real estate people did in 2005/2006, then you have been subjected to some major whipsaws and losses or gains -no doubt about it. The whipsaws have created fabulous trading opportunities as when it wanders into the 30's, buy puts, and into the teens, buy calls.
      Can you make the argument that SA has gotten ahead of itself at times as in being over priced with no news? Absolutely, but ultimately the market will determine what happens to SA.
      The mgmt of SA has been nothing but be perfectly straight up about what is going on.

    • You mean being up nearly 1400% didn't baffle you last year?
      Ever own a stock that appreciated that fast before, neither have I?

      What's even more baffling is why so many gold stocks haven't kept up with the ETF or COMEX Gold contract.


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