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  • trdr1904 trdr1904 May 21, 2013 5:42 PM Flag

    Director buys 25k @ $8.50

    Was away from my desk this afternoon, but came back to a veritable blizzard of filings in VOCS. Okumus bought more shares and switched to a 13D, and Director Kevin Burns drew the short stick and bought 25k shares at $8.50. Anyone here live near DC and planning on going to the shareholder meeting? I might go to propose a reverse poison pill that disallows management from making any more horrendous acquisitions.

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    • you follow them you will be a loser never follow

    • nice action - didn't see that last f4 yesterday,,,, still holding nice size bailed some at high yesterday go figure lol pullback just missed it again hehehe chart looks very strong this minute maybe trade some more what else you got?

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      • I sold about 1/3rd of my position today around $9.25, but looking to buy it that piece back at $8.80. I think works higher over the coming months. I think there is a good chance next earnings are decent. It seemed like they were straight-lining some pretty draconian trends in their guidance so there is a chance things aren't as bad. I was waiting for a true insider to buy (I don't count Okumus as an insider) to confirm that the current quarter is tracking reasonably well. A purchase more than half way into the quarter is meaningful, though Rudman's buy 2/3rds in last qtr was spectacularly ill-timed so who knows.

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    • what is your insight on that, please and where do you see the price of shares in the coming weeks and months,


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