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  • tomfrink482 tomfrink482 Mar 31, 2013 10:06 PM Flag

    Bioheart will have last laugh.Science will work.

    This trial will initiate in Mexico at the Hospital Angeles with the Regenerative Medicine Institute (RMI). The phase one trial will test the safety and efficacy of LipiCellâ„¢ (adipose derived stem cells) in congestive heart failure patients.

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    • You bash all you want. call company scam. will not matter no more. Science will work and Yahoo corporaticion will release your information CEO lawyers. Now go and be angry. ps. Happy Easter to All, except bashers.

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    • Is there anything more suspicious and scam worthy than using adipose(fat) cells in Mexico? Is this all they have now?
      People have been arrested in California for claiming there is a benefit to using your own fat cells to cure ailments. It's snake oil. Not to mention they don't have a dime to their name at this time except for selling shares to suckers who bought at 5 cents last week. I suppose they could have raised a bit of cash off that pump n dump. Enough to pay the lease one more month.

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      • you have no idea what you are talking about. I had both ankles that needed surgery. My left ankle had no cartilage left and the brevis peronious tendon was torn. My rehab would be 1 year with 6 months in a hard cast with no weight bearing and another 6 months in a soft cast. There would be no guarantee that an ankle fusion that was proposed would ever work. My right ankle also needed to be fused with the same 1 year recovery time. Instead of being laid up for 2 years and suffering through the surgery I had adipose stem cells injected into both ankles last July. My my right ankle is 100 percent healed and my left ankle is 80 percent improved and getting better everyday. Now i
        nstead of being in constant pain and not even being able to sleep at night much less being able to walk normally I am almost back to my old self. So tell me stem cells don't work.

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